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Cassidy couldn’t help but grin. “This is also supposed to be a relaxed evening, without work,” she said to Trenton. “Leave the PaDDs for another day, shall we?” It was not a suggestion, despite her casual tone.

“Come on Clodagh, grab something to drink and pull up a chair,” Abrams said cheerily, clearly at ease in the social environment.

Abrams, COS

Ashlyn collected her PaDDs and put them back into her bag with a sheepish expression. She wasn’t really working on anything work related in her opinion, but to anyone else, she probably was. This was another moment of having to be a social person in a way she wasn’t really comfortable with, but there wasn’t much option. Ashlyn pulled out a fresh bottle of water and began carefully nursing it.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Clodagh felt bad. She hadn’t meant to ruin the mood. “I’m sorry. Guess I’m still trying to get my feet is all. Risa may not be my favorite spot to vacation, but I’m sure it’s a great place to battle sim.” She smiled a bit for Ashlyn and headed to the bar for a drink before coming back. Settling down at the table, she took a sip and nodded to the others. “Sorry, Chief… what else were you discussing? I didn’t mean to kill the mood and comraderie here. Honest.” She was withdrawing and realized it, herself. She wasn’t one for functions and even this was a bit more than she would have come to on her own in any other situation. But she was new. Alienating the team wasn’t high on her list. They depended on one another in ways most other departments didn’t. If she was seen as a cold, solitary creature, it would affect them in the field. And that was the last thing she wanted.


Ashlyn leans over to gently bump her shoulder against Clodagh’s, “Don’t stress it, I’m more the workaholic than the social butterfly. Though that is something I’m supposed to be working on according to Lieutenant Nox.” Ashlyn took a moment to gauge what she could make out of Clodagh and grins. “You seem the more active type, perhaps I can convince you to join me in the holodeck sometime? I’ve got quite the mean Parkour program.”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Clodagh smiled slightly. “I’m sorry, too. Just not a fan of Risa. Though I am sure they have a great place to run scenarios.” She murmured under her breath, They have everything else…

When Ashlyn mentioned the holodeck and Parkour, Clodagh smiled. “Never tried it. Seemed a bit strange to me, running around jumping up and over things. We get plenty of that in training. I guess it just never occurred to me to do it for fun.” The young woman nodded, “But sure… sounds good.”

She needed to make friends with these folks. She knew it. They depended on one another for their lives, sometimes. It was just hard, new ship, new people, wondering who you want at your back and whose back you’ll need to cover. She just hoped it wasn’t too hard to sort them out.


Cass was going to make a comment about no one having ruined anything but the conversation seemed to have sorted itself and she just let it be. “It’s a pretty good program,” she chimed in.

Meanwhile Harriet Betts and Nick Garrett were chit chatting until Nick nudged Cassidy. “You defending your title soon?”

Cass grinned. “I thought we weren’t talking about work?”

“That’s not work, that’s personal honour,” he tossed back.

Abrams laughed openly. “Well in that case, yes, we’ll see if anyone wants to attempt to de-throne me during re-quals.”

Abrams, COS


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