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“I… dunno…?” he said. “I was… on the Bridge. I think.”

Something was about to happen, he thought. We were about to do something… right? We arrived in the system… they had rocketships… and a warp… wait… if I’m here, then…

“Oh no,” he muttered. “How bad is it?”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Shane tilted his eyebrow at the Captain’s questions. He didn’t know any answers nor did he want to guess at any. But he knew one thing, that shouting across the room is a bad form of communication.

Making sure the coast was clear, he got up and walked on his foot pads to muffle the sound of his steps. It didn’t take long before he was at the Captain’s biobed.
Taking a look at the overhead display he could see the vitals scroll. He wasn’t looking too bad. Maybe Zarath was a good Doctor after all.

“Captain, I don’t believe you remember me, but I was aboard the Europa a few years ago. I’m Doctor Shane Warwick.” Reaching for the medical tricorder usually stored in one of the compartments of the biobed, Shane was happy to see it was there. He activated scan mode and waved the examination wand over the Captain. “But you might better know me as Doctor Carson Lowe.”

“As for how you got here, I am unsure. I was in a stasis pod at the time.”
- Warwick

“Oh, yes, I remember you,” the Captain said. “You’re… you’re the one we found in that stasis pod?” He had arrived in Sickbay to see the pod recovery, but had to leave before everyone had managed to get it open.

The readings would show that the Captain was recovering from whatever the solar flare had done to his occular implants, though they were still off and as a result, he was still completely blind.

“They’re just letting you walk around down here?” he asked. “I mean, I know you’re a doctor…”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

“Hippocratic Oath and all that.” Shane replied quietly, Besides, I haven’t seen your Andorian Interrogator Zarath in a while. Although he did good a good job fixing you up…from what I see on the monitors at least.”

Weren’t we trying to rescue someone? the Captain thought. Maybe he’s not here because he’s off helping with that person…

“As for letting me walk around, I’m kind of stuck in Sickbay for the moment. We don’t know how long I have been in my pod. I’m waiting for some rather invasive tests to be done to determine my true age. Then, Miss Abrams said she would talk to you about, well whatever you think…about what to do with me.”

  • Warwick

“Well, it could at most be a couple years, right? It wasn’t that long ago when you were last here, if I remember right.” The Captain’s memory was actually very fuzzy at the moment, though he seemed to remember Warwick more clearly than what was just happening before he ended up here.

Vora returned then and immediately stopped when she saw that Johann was awake. And was that Shane Warwick? Whereas others might have had a hard time placing him initially, Vora had an eidetic memory and there were times it came in handy. Resuming her steps towards Johann’s bed, she wore a relieved smile. Nodding in acknowledge to Shane, her attention was however fully on Dvorak. “Hey, you’re awake,” she said softly, slipping her hand into his and giving it a squeeze.

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences

“Oh, hey…” Johann said, very pleasantly surprised by Vora’s touch. He turned to look in her general direction out of habit, and it was plainly obvious that he couldn’t see her, or anything.

“I must have been down here a long time,” he commented. “What’s happened? Is the ship in danger?” He kind of doubted it was, as he realized that a sickbay with only him and Warwick in it, and Vora being available to visit, would imply that the ship was not currently at any sort of alert status.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Warwick saw the interaction between Vora and Dvorak and recognized that he was a fifth wheel immediately. He stepped back hoping to figuratively ‘step back into the shadows’. Looking around he saw a nurse take notice of him, and knew he needed to get back to his bio bed sooner than later. Putting the tricorder back onto the captain’s bio bed he stepped over to resume his place at the lonely… dark.. and forgotten area of Sickbay.

  • Warwick

Vora frowned slightly, not sure if she had done something wrong, but her immediate concern was for Dvorak. Returning her maroon gaze to Johann, she could see the telltale signs that his eyes weren’t currently functioning. “Not so much in immediate danger, per say, but definitely some odd things happening. We managed to beam the pilot out of the vessel but long story short they… disappeared, or elevated into a different existence? The jury is still out on how to parse that situation. But I believe contact is being attempted by the bridge and the other vessels.”

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences

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