Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Side Sim Deck 4, Holodeck- A Test of Steel and Blood.
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Ashlyn hesitated for a moment then called the program to freeze, “Time until next appointment according to my schedule?” There was a brief pause where the computer searched the appropriate file, then had to unlock the file because of Trenton’s security habits of over securing everything. “You have five hours until your next appointment.” Ashlyn nodded and resumed the program, “I’ve got the time if you do Lieutenant Commander.”

With a curt nod, ‘Captain’ Ashlyn Trenton stepped off the deck of her ship and onto the docks of this nameless town to find the bar that was mentioned. “Trenton Park uses the 2-3D rendering process you describe, the problem is that the program is still very big and some people can run their parkour faster than the conversion can happen to result in people accidentally throwing themselves into walls. Really funny the first time it happens, less so when it happens to be you.” Ashlyn waved a dismissive hand, “I digress, onward to this bar! Does it say which bar or is there luckily only going to be one bar?”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Avik waited as Ashlyn checked the amount of time she had left. The Vulcan female shifted her position, her arms pulled behind her and rested on the small of her back. It didn’t take long before the computer revealed Ashlyn still had about five hours. At the question, Avik reveals she had prepared for the whole day.
“Yes, I do. As long as I’m not testing this program along, I’m satisfied to continue as long as you can.”

Avik promptly followed Captain Ashlyn Trenton to the docks. The water-soaked boards clicked underneath her boots as they shifted onto the cobblestone main road. People bustled about, but they appeared to keep their distance and attention fixed to their own given tasks. Overall, it felt like a real town much to Avik’s surprise. The programer’s care was obvious in the details.

“I believe it’s called the Boar’s Head tavern which is the only one. I think the creator wanted to make it simple for us.” A fleeting gesture of a Vulcan smile darted across Avik’s eyes.

As if clued in by their conversation, the tavern came into view. A small wooden sign hung on weathered ropes and swing high above them. The building itself was of medium size with only one level. A mixture of stone and wood, it oozed warmth and comfort for those weary travelers. Avik stepped ahead of her Captain as she pushed the door open. A hollow subtle chorus of clattering woods and conversation greeted them, followed by the scent of cooked food and sweat.

Avik’s nose crinkled briefly. “I hope we can make this meeting brief.”

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

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Walking into the tavern, the place was busy. Being the only place of its kind in the port meant there was a lot of business to be had and with it quite the crowd. Ashlyn sighed a moment before looking to Avik, “It’s too crowded to see who we’re supposed to be dealing with, going to have to do this the awkward way.” Ashlyn, ignoring the other random NPCs playing a card game at one of the tables, climbs up an empty chair to stand on the table. Now standing over the crowd in the tavern, she pulls the single shot pistol she has and fires a round into the ceiling to get everyone’s attention. This time, scanning the room slowly for the subtle outline that generates over important items and things, her eyes settle onto the person they are supposed to talk to.

With the individual in view, Ashlyn points at him with intensity! “You!” Unfortunately, this had the uncanny effect of causing the individual to run for the nearest window. “I should have seen that coming, Avik we’ve got a runner! I’ll give chase, you circle around and we’ll box them in.” Ashlyn leaps from table to table, knocking over cards, chess boards, drinks and food angering the rest of the NPCs into giving chase themselves after the wayward captain as she follows the quest target out the window. Once out the window, the angry mob turns and starts running for the door, where Avik was left with the last instructions from the Captain.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

Avik hated to agree, but Ashlyn was right. The place barely had space for them to maneuver through the door, let alone get to the bar. Naturally curious eyes shifted up to note their presence. Beyond that, they returned to their prior activities.

At her companion’s words, Avik didn’t have to time to ask about her intentions. The woman stepped onto the chair then fired her weapon into the roof. Dead silence rippled across the room. All eyes shifted onto Ashlyn as everyone waited with bated breath for her demands.

The individual in question, Warren Limestone, paled in horror at her actions. He was a mousy, young man with short brown hair and glasses. The man then bolted for the nearest window. Avik suspected he assumed the worst then fled. This wasn’t a good sign in her mind. She sighed as she backed out of the door, the tavern patrons angered now by Ashlyn’s display. As she paused, her eyes noted the narrow alley. It appeared to intersect with the various back alleys attached to the tavern.

“I don’t think this will bode well,” she spoke out loud as she ducked into it.

Despite the tight squeeze, she managed to navigate decently through the winding paths. Her vision caught the brown cloak their target wore then pushed ahead. It turned out she was faster as she skirted into a corner then blocked the path ahead.

Mr. Limestone abruptly stopped. Terror on his face, his foot stepped back toward Ashlyn’s direction.

“P-please… don’t-t-t kill me.” He pleased, a small wooden box cradled in his arm.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Ashlyn gave the man the most intense look of cold and uncaring about his plight, her arms lifting overhead before coming to settle around the man’s shoulders, an impish smile instantly plastered on her face. “Who said anything about killing? We’re just here to pick up and deliver packages in the most entertaining way possible. Maybe spin a tale or two while we are at it.” Ashlyn tapped the man’s chest a few times, “Got that heart really beating hard didn’t it? Cardio is good for you!” Ashlyn throws her head back to let out a loud laugh that borders on looking insane. “So, my good sir, is that the package you want to be delivered?”

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

The man jumped immediately then whipped about to face her. His skin paled for a moment until Ashlyn spoke, the fear replaced with relief. All tension faded from his posture.

“I th-th-thought…You shot-t-t.” The man’s stutter trailed off then stopped.

He glanced about the alley but found only Avik stroll started to stroll toward them. Mr. Limestone gradually calmed then pulled out the small parcel in his cloak pocket. He offered it to her. It was about a foot wide and long, a few inches high. The whole surface was wrapped in butcher paper and tightly wound with a frayed cord. Wear appeared to thin where he gripped the corners. Dark wood with strange, burnt engravens peeked out through the small holes.

“This goes to Captain Stemming at the Northern Hunter’s Peak. Don’t let anyone know you have it. I can’t trust just anyone and… I don’t have much time to linger. Here is your payment” He pulled a small bag of coins from his other pocket.

Avik shot a subtle look toward Ashlyn.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

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Ashlyn accepted the box and the money from the man as he calmed down enough to be coherent, then proceeded to take to the rooftops and offered an arm to Avik to help her up. “No point in staying on the roads while it’s likely the angry mob is still looking for us. We should make sure the ship has been restocked, pay those that need paying, then get out of town to let calmer heads prevail.”

As soon as the Lieutenant Commander was on the roof, Ashlyn sprinted off yet again! Keeping to elevated locations to avoid busy roads and alleys to make her way back to the ship.

  • Ensign Ashlyn Trenton
    Security, USS Europa

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