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Posted by Lieutenant Steven Leon Marsh (Chief Science Officer) in Main Sim: Incoming Communication
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-Janice B.

Tolar’s voice came up on the communications. The CMO sounded worn and tired as he released unfortunate news.

=/\=Sickbay to Avik…The injured pilot that was beamed here for a medical emergency succumbed to their injuries. However, after passing they then disintegrated until nothing remained under some sort of light effect. Here’s the rest of what I know…=/\=

The XO listened intently. She interrupted only to request the medical information to be placed into the computer for later, accessible by all personnel interested in it. It appeared toward the end, the pilot had revealed something about their current brief system. A Great cycle. Her mind thought back to key statements Tolar revealed.

Body and essence returned to the shrik. Old provides for the new and nothing went to waste or the cycle was broken. It sounded more like a belief system to her, but she couldn’t be sure. In the end, the individual revealed his identification number as E5463 and his name Slrrip. A dying wish to be known.

The silence stretched across the bridge as Avik digested the information then turned to the communications.

“I think it’s time we contact them now before they get out of range.”

She inhaled, her logic steadied and her nerve steeled for the sour introductions. When she was a CMO, she found informing loved ones of their passing difficult or pointless. It did not bring back the dead. Merely enflamed the emotional connection, but she knew many cherished such acts. These people possibly did the same.

“Communications establish a radio transmission. The message: This is the ship USS Europa of the Federation. We have located your missing pilot, injured in his mission, and passed into the Great cycle. With his final words, he requested a message sent back to his people. Pilot E5463, Slrripp did his duty.”

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Marsh glanced over at the commander. This was going to be a very depressing way to make first contact.


There was a long wait. Part of it was the time needed for the radio signal to travel to it’s destination and the return trip for a reply but several additional minutes ticked by before a response came back. ~The Great Cycle has been observed and Pilot E5463’s merits have been recorded. We request the return of our spacefaring vehicle.~

GM Dread

Avik glanced at Marsh. Silently, she agreed this first contact was not one she had hoped for. However, delay and lies didn’t benefit this meeting. They would’ve discovered the truth sooner or later. It was better, in her mind, to be straight forward and honest than risk complications. A heartless view on the situation, but it prevented emotional repercussions. At least, she theorized it might.

She took a breath then addressed communications with a new message.

“We will make arrangements to drop your spacefaring vehicle off at its origin point, the space station.” Avik didn’t want any unclear messages. She didn’t know how paranoid this culture could be and she hoped they held more value on logic than emotions.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“I’ll do a quick scan of it sir, I doubt there is any tech of interest, but maybe something can be gleaned from its computer system.”

Marsh CSO

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