Mara Oxton - Back from leave {CO's Office}

Posted Jan. 23, 2021, 7:58 p.m. by Ensign Mara Oxton (Engineer) (Elin Harker)

After a few weeks in London with her family, Mara had returned to her home on the USS Europa. She had been called home for her father’s funeral; the years of alcohol abuse had finally caught up with him. She couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t at least a bit relieved that he no longer had control over anyone. It had been strange being back home, Kiera had grown into a fine young woman and had chosen to study medicine back home. Their mother, now no longer afraid of her husband had found new hobbies to occupy her mind.

Now Mara had to figure out her place back on the ship, it was going to be a bit harder now, it didn’t help that she was naturally introverted. She figured it was a start to report to the CO of the ship, walking towards the office doors she felt herself get a bit wobbly. It was fine, expected after weeks of not being on the ship. She had developed new anxieties over the matter; would she fit in again? Would she finally find her place? Would anyone recognise her? The questions seemed to be burning her mind, she took a deep breath and attempted to centre herself, find her footing again. It was easier now, to calm down and ground herself, the meetings with the counsellor had helped, she had developed techniques to help herself.

Mara’s hair had been tied up the entire time, and she couldn’t lie to herself any longer - it was bugging her; the tugging on her hair, the breeze that hit the back of her neck. With a few swift movements she had released the fiery orange strands from their elastic prison. Letting a mass of curls fall gracefully onto her body, she hadn’t had a cut in years, and the length proved that to be so, reaching down past her waist the curls seemed to look like flames amassing her short stature.

With a second deep breath, she knocked on the door to the CO’s office, making sure to announce herself.
“Mara Oxton, back from leave reporting for duty”

~ Ensign Oxton, Engineering

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