Holodeck 2- Cooking with the CNS

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Jerrin gave Vora a sideways glance. While there were things still left unsaid, he could say that it hadn’t been all bad being on the ship with her. Some days he felt he understood her, and then other days she was still an utter stranger. It was weird.

Carefully lifting the hot glass dish, Jerrin brought over the lasagna and set it on the table in the middle where everyone could help themselves. A knife and lifter rested on the set table. He settled in one of the four chairs, feeling a wave of anxiety settle into his stomach.


With less caution, Johann placed the bowl of bread on the table right next to the lasagna dish.

As only Jerrin was seated, this provided an opportunity for anachronistic gallantry that Johann couldn’t resist. He pulled one of the chairs around the table out for Vora in order to “seat” her.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

At first Vora was confused, but then she clued in. She didn’t know why, but the gesture made her smile, so she moved over and sat down. “Thank you,” she said with a bright smile, gazing up at Johann.

“You’re welcome,” he said, smiling back as he took his own seat. Awesome, he thought, feeling comfortably smug after that particular maneuver worked as expected.

Looking over the meal, Vora shook her head. “It looks amazing. So glad it was you two cooking and not me,” she told Jerrin and Sienna.

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences

Sienna watched the family dynamics, still quite new to the three as well as felt Vora’s wistfulness and Jerrin’s anxiety. She sat down and sipped her water before speaking. “Jerrin did an excellent job. For someone who has never cooked this type of food, he took to it like a fish to water. I think we will be doing this more often. Now, we will have to wait a bit for the lasagna to rest, but there is salad,” she pointed to the lush colorful vegetation in a glass bowl, and then took the basket of bread up to begin slicing it. “and bread so dig into those.”

Nox, CNS

Johann took the safe move, and went for the bread first rather than the salad. It’s not that he didn’t trust it, like the way that he didn’t quite trust the Klingon Chinese Fusion place on Black Rock. Going for the bread gave him a few extra second to reconnoiter the table setting and the food to see if there were going to be any… complications.

“What kind of salad is it?” he asked.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Jerrin chewed on the inside of his cheek for a second. “I think it’s called a green salad?” he said looking towards Nox for confirmation. “But there are vegetables in it too, so I don’t know if that changes its name. It just looks like a bunch of leaves to me.”


Vora chuckled and gave her son a wry grin as she reached for the salad herself. “No worse than the gavatz you get in just about every fertile region on Tenra. But probably a lot less slippery,” she said with a gleam in her maroon eyes.

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences

She smiled warmly at Jerrin. “It is a simple green salad. Romaine, green leaf lettuce, and spinach leaves mixed with some cherry tomatoes sliced in half, a little red onion, simple baby bell mushrooms -sliced, and yellow bell peppers. Croutons are off to the side. I made them earlier before Jerrin arrived. I promise nothing about our dinner is very exotic for humans but surely Captain, you should have a more robust sense of adventure.” She winked at Jerrin and took a bit of warm bread and began slathering it in butter.

Nox, CNS

He looked at Siennadye head on for a moment, as if he was about to say something deadly serious. It could have fooled everyone at the table, if they didn’t know better. Everybody but her, that is.

“You know, honestly, it’s because of the uniform,” he said simply a moment later. “I don’t care how good the replicators are, it’s still a pain to get salad dressing stains out. Plus sitting there with a big glob of dried ranch on your shirt always looks bad. Or whatever the equivalent of ranch dressing is on whatever planet it is the food is from.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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