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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in Main Sim- Shuttle Bay

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“Go ahead. Just remember that you get hurt and it’s on me,” she said seriously despite the gleam in her clear blue eyes.

Moving around the shuttle herself, Cassidy had to switch her thinking slightly and pull from her scientist’s brain. She crouched, as if getting a different angle of view might help them puzzle out this mystery. =/\=Computer, based on the atmosphere and design of the shuttle, extrapolate possible physiology and technological development.=/\=

Abrams, COS

“I’d never let you get a write up cause of me,” Clodagh smiled and started to walk around the ship. She moved to the corner to grab one of the rolling ladder racks and moved to the front of the shuttle to peek inside. The lights in the bay made seeing difficult so she leaned over, cupping her hands around her eyes, and pressed the heels of her hands to the glass to see into the shuttle.

She wasn’t sure what she planned to see in the empty cavity that would help, but sometimes curiosity won out over sense.


The inside of the craft was filled with smoke and somewhere out of sight was a pulsing orange light source. Perhaps some sort of emergency lighting? The periodic strobe of orange light was just enough to make out some hard edges in the smoke filled shadows. What these edges were was really anyone’s guess and there wasn’t enough point of reference to make anything out discernibly.

GM Dread

Clodagh frowned. “Damn… can’t see a thing.” She looked for a moment more as if willing the smoke to go away then turned to step down and return the ladder. “I can’t see anything inside,” she told Abrams. “No clue what to do from here. Short of hooking up external power, stepping into the hall so the atmosphere can vent to space, then coming back in when we can breathe while inside… yup, no clue.” She laughed slightly but it was awkward and covering up the fact she felt stumped and wasn’t happy about it.


OOC: GM, is that a no from the computer then?
Cass chewed on the inside of her cheek for a moment as she pondered. “Short of suiting up and hoping the EVA suits are enough, we’re going to have to wait. But I’m leaning towards suits. If we can do anything about the atmosphere inside, we can just bypass it.”

Abrams, COS

“Perfect!” Clodagh smiled and moved to the lockers on the far side of the bay. “You gonna join me?” She grinned knowing the Chief wasn’t gonna say no. Either from her own curiosity or a desire not to let Clodagh go it alone. She opened two lockers and nodded to the other. “Come on, I’ll help you and you help me. We’ll crack this nut in no time and figure out how to help the occupant as well as get other answers we want.”

She was a bit more animated than she probably should have been. But depending on the occupant, this had the smackings of a first contact event. She was more excited than she could have placed words to.


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OOC: Sorry for the delay. Yes, that’s a no on the computer interfacing remotely. Also as a correction, the occupant has been beamed out already so the ship is empty.

GM Dread
((Gotcha… anyone else gonna join me in going inside?))

Abrams exhaled. “We need more answers, so yeah, let’s do this,” she said as they went to source EVA suits.

Returning, Cassidy secured her helmet. =/\=Lt. Donnely, comms Check.=/\=

Abrams, COS

Bringing this forward

“Daddy’s home,” Marsh wandered in… He looked about, “The Boss doesn’t want us to leave too much of an electronic fingerprint… doesn’t want to start this first contact on the wrong foot. ” Marsh exhaled heavily.


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