Main Sim: Sickbay, Captain's Medical Emergency

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Ok, so something critical is happening… he thought.

“I need to be able to see, and then I need to get up to the Bridge to find out what’s going on,” he thought aloud rather plainly. “If I can’t actually see what’s going on in front of my face then it’s not going to be worth bothering anyone up there for status reports. The last thing a situation like this needs is a blind backseat driver.”

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IC: He couldn’t see the frown that slipped on her face but she disagreed. Asking for information didn’t mean he had to give orders.

He tried to sit up, and was somewhat successful at that, though he almost collided with Vora on the way up. He kept holding on to her hand, in part so he could use her as a reference for his own position, and also because he briefly felt nauseous getting up. After another couple of moments, he moved his head toward where he thought Vora’s might have been based upon the sound of her voice.

Luckily for Vora, she saw the movement and shifted her position a little so their heads didn’t smack together. Her other hand came to rest under his elbow until she was certain he was steady.

We didn’t even go over how to do that… he thought, pleasantly surprised.

“Is anyone else watching?” he asked very quietly.

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– Johann Dvorak, CO

“No,” she replied, dropping her voice to a similar level. “Warwick was here when I arrived, but left. It’s just us right now,” she said, squeezing his hand gently.

“Great, I’m sure you’ll forgive me,” he said.

He began fumbling about with his other hand to make sure he actually knew where he was in relation to her, and definitely ended up brushing against her in ways that would have appeared very unseemly in any other context.

“Now, now,” she told him playfully, keeping her voice down, even as she was simultaneously making sure he had the support he needed.

Doctor Zarath came in, his typical slightly altered gait causing the tap of his cane to ring softly from the deck plates. “Ah, you’re awake.” He said to the Captain as he approached. The Andorian smiled to Vora, and took a PaDD from beneath his arm and began to download the latest info from the Captain’s bioscans. “How do you feel?” He asked, skimming the info as it scrolled over his screen.

-Zarath, CMO

Vora nodded to Zarath in return with a grateful smile.

“I feel like I need to get back to work,” the Captain said plainly. “Can you turn my implants back on?”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

The Andorian grunted softly but began the process of rebooting Dvorak’s implants. “Your brain should be receiving signal now, Sir, can you please follow my finger with your eyes?” He held up his blue index finger and slowly moved it from side to side, then in variations of diagonal motion, watching closely as the implants moved in the Captain’s eye sockets.

“Are you having any issues with visual acuity?”

-Zarath, CMO

Vora watched quietly, hoping for Johann’s sake that everything was once again working as it should.

Lt. (jg.) Zorell, Sciences

Sienna followed in behind the doctor and watched Johann struggle to get up and going. It was such a classic attitude not only in her husband and the captain, but all Captains in Star Fleet, that she couldn’t help but smile and shake her head. There was only the smallest twinge of her own sadness as she thought to him, Stop thinking about the Bridge. She is in good hands. Pay attention to your doctor and for heaven’s sake take a breath.

Nox, CNS

As they waited for the Captain to check his full range of visual acuity, which to be fair, could take a moment or two, due to his expanded sensitivity to a larger range of the light spectrum; Zarath looked up and nodded to Nox. “Councilor.” He said softly, by way of greeting. He was still running a scan on his PaDD, which he peeked at as he spoke.

-Zarath, CMO

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