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Abrams exhaled. “We need more answers, so yeah, let’s do this,” she said as they went to source EVA suits.

Returning, Cassidy secured her helmet. =/\=Lt. Donnely, comms Check.=/\=

Abrams, COS

Bringing this forward

“Daddy’s home,” Marsh wandered in… He looked about, “The Boss doesn’t want us to leave too much of an electronic fingerprint… doesn’t want to start this first contact on the wrong foot. ” Marsh exhaled heavily.


OOC: I think the CE won’t be available for a bit, but there is a returned Engineer who could be brought into the thread to help crack the ship open. Just a FYI.

GM Dread ((looks like we’re in… but engineer is DEFINITELY welcome to join us))

Clodagh laughed as Marsh bellowed into the ship. “Daddy, huh? You know I’ll never call you that.” She giggled as they stepped in. “You got kids, I take it?” She glanced around. Without hooking up the Europa, all they had to rely on was their eyes. She scanned about with her tricorder to be sure nothing was amiss. She hoped there wasn’t some detonation device ready to blow them all to smithereens. Not exactly the way she planned to go. And certainly way too early in her career.


“No, no kids, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a Daddy,” Marsh look at her for a moment before pulling out his tricorder, “Also never say never.”

It was a good thing they were sitting around with drinks, otherwise Cassidy might have spewed it. She tried to muffle her snort of laughter, but it was impossible. “None that he knows of,” Abrams said, casting a wicked grin back at Marsh. For the moment the COS was scanning the inside of the ship with her eyes with the understanding that they wanted to be very gentle here. And besides there were always things you could learn from simple observance.

~Abrams, COS

“It isn’t for lack of practice. Anyways lets pretend we are responsible officers doing our jobs.”


Clodagh laughed. “I knew I missed a class at the Academy. Pretending to be responsible 101.” She laughed as she checked her own comms and gave the CoS a thumbs up on his own.

OOC: Sorry Engineering is here now.

IC: Mattie walked in and looked at the situation. She walked over to Marsh “What’s going on?” She asked as she pulled out her tricorder.


“I just got here, but Captain want us to do a superficial scan and investigation of this ship before we return her to the planet of origin.” He shrugged slightly, “I don’t think they could find out what we searched at their tech level, but the Captain decided to take the high road.”


OOC: So how did you breach it?

OOC: I assumed it was already done when I arrived as the thread was going. I’ll give the people who were hear first whack at solving the entry,.

There were no self-destruct devices, no trip mines, no anti burglary or hijacking tech either. It was as if whoever built this craft never expected some other organization then theirs from coming into possession of it. The surface of the hull was still sizzling a bit but was no longer a glowing orange.

GM Dread

((Hadn’t breached yet… Cloe was still scanning the hull to be sure it wasn’t boobie trapped.))

After initial scans showed no mines or self destruct, she glanced at the others. “All right, let’s see if ‘open’ is a panel choice.” She glanced about and looked for the panel that would open the buttons, knobs, or keypad that would open the craft from the outside. Once found she would make sure they were all clear and try and manually open the craft.


There were no buttons or knobs to speak of. There was however a recessed handle that once pulled could be rotated 180 degrees clockwise. This was slightly to the side of the access hatch but if the pressure inside the craft was higher than the shuttlebay’s the opening of it could prove… explosive.

GM Dread

“Is there any way to do a slow release to allow it all to pressurize more gently?” Cassidy asked, as she tried to give Clodagh space while still trying to see what was gong on.

Abrams, COS

“Beam a sample to medical and the rest into space.” Marsh looked at the others.... “lets use our tech, plus it would be hard for them to guess a technology that they probably don’t even have.”


OOC: Sometimes the simplest plans… lol. But Matt, can I request a refresher on the atmosphere inside the vessel? I’m really fuzz on it right now.


Franklin entered the shuttle bay and stood over the console near the young officer working the terminal. He wanted to be on hand if anything interesting needed doing in an eningeering capacity. Not to mention having a good seat for the first contact show…

The medical team, which had been standing by, took samples and sent them to medical.

-Franklin, Engineer

OOC: Sure thing Linds

The atmosphere inside of the vessel was close to human standard, though higher in nitrogen content. There were a number of contaminants in the air due to fried electronics and melted bulkhead.

GM Dread

Cassidy nodded at Marsh. “Not a bad idea,” she said.

“Nothing but good ideas from this guy” He gestured at himself with both thumbs. “Baby.” Marsh was a lot looser when he was the highest ranked person on the deck.

Once medical had what they needed, Abrams eyed the craft. “Computer, lock onto all atmospheric particles inside the craft and beam them them one thousand kilometres off the ship’s stern.”

Abrams, COS

The computer chirped an acknowledgement and proceeded to transport the atmosphere inside of the warp vessel to the outside space. Now the inside of the vessel was in a vacuum though. So whether or not the hatch could be opened after release was the next concern.

GM Dread

OOC: Didn’t have to beam out all the air....

Franklin raised an eyebrow watching the proceedings, constantly glancing down at the console to check readings from sensors. His fingers twitched, ready to do something if quick action were needed…

Meanwhile, the Emergency medical team milled about nervously.

-Franklin, Engineering

“Beam out beam in enough air to neutralize the difference.”


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