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The tricorder was able to interface with the inner door, though the only option was to override the opening mechanism. Whether from line of sight or some sort of signal blocking material or that any external receiver had been fried by the solar flare, things were surprisingly interfaceable once past the outer airlock door. As with the airlock the inner part of the ship was in a vacuum since all of the atmosphere had been beamed out.

GM Dread

OOC: I didn’t intend for all the air to be pulled out causing a vaccum… that being said. Why can’t we beam air in to neutralize the pressure difference? If we can… I will do so.

Marsh turned to Franklin “I’d rather not leave big fingerprints that we were messing with the ship. Although no native air is going to be a big tell… so I hope we can get the life support to blast a little. Is there a manual release we can use, before I just override the computer system.”


OOC: You can beam air in if you want. I don’t mind at all. When Linds did the command to beam out the atmosphere though it all went.

GM Dread

OOC: Well I’m not beaming into a vaccum… thank you very much.

=^=Computer beam in one Earth standard atmosphere of air. Then execute a site to site transport of myself to …=^= He tapped a location that he believed was the cockpit/bridge.


OOC: I was hoping you wouldn’t beam into a vacuum, though two of the characters are in EVA suits so they would’ve been fine.

The computer complied with a chirp and replaced the vacuum inside the craft with breathable atmosphere. After that was accomplished, Marsh sparkled for a moment in a transport effect before he rematerialized inside. It was dark and nothing but vague shapes were visible.

GM Dread

Franklin monitored from the console, watching the Science Officer dematerialize. He stayed ready in case anything was needed.
-Franklin, Engineer

Marsh did a 360 spin with both his body and tricorders scanning his immediate area. He doubted anything was a risk now since there was about three minutes of vacuum in the ship. but that would be the first belief in a horror movie too.

After completing his scan he would attempt to access the computer.


It had all happened the blink of an eye. Suddenly the scientist beside her was gone. “Damned scientists,” she growled under her breath. =^=You do recall there are safety protocols to follow, Lieutenant?=^= Clodagh’s slightly irritated voice came over the CSO’s comms. “I hate when they do that,” she muttered under her breath once more. “Well, we’ve done it now…” =^=Lieutenant Marsh, if you haven’t been obliterated by some self defense security measure, I suggest opening the door. At this point, the ‘minimal invasion’ tactic is long gone.=^= She laughed silently to herself as the idea of ‘let’s not disturb too much’ had escalated to vacating the native air, to replacing the air, to beaming in a person as well as opening the outer door. Even if they closed and abandoned the ship now, only a moron would not realize it had been tampered with.

There was some truth to that statement, but since he could hear the question he was pretty sure he hadn’t be vaporized…

=^=I think a decent security sweep would be prudent before you start ‘non evasively’ pushing buttons.=^= She doubted he would actually push anything, but she hoped he would get the gist of her jest and realize he had broken all protocols, including science steps, to investigating the ship.


=^=You’re welcome to beam yourself in so I don’t push any buttons, like the hatch release.=^=


Franklin shook his head to suppress a chuckle. “I can beam you in from my consol here, Lt. Just say when…” He said, addressing Clodagh. He was still watching the readouts, trying to make sense of the scans they’d taken of the ship. To an engineer, it was fascinating stuff.

-Franklin, engineering

=^=When.=^= Marsh wasn’t too concerned about the ship doing something weird… He certainly would have been a victim of it already. Marsh started scanning the systems looking particularly for the tactical information… and any referential data on the ship about the home system.


OOC: Could you be specific?

It would be hard to tell at first glance or scan what the computer system was. Everything was non-Federation tech and heavily charred. The only thing that could be definitively determined was that the life support system was still barely working as the vacuum like conditions was very slowly being replaced with the native atmosphere.

GM Dread

Clodagh laughed as the option to beam her in was met with Marsh’s comment of ‘now’. “I think I will wait till the hatch is open, thank you. Come on, open up and let’s figure out this mystery of yours.” She was pretty sure, whatever was inside, wasn’t going to be of much interest to her. But having the hatch open would alleviate a lot of problems if something did happen inside. Being able to get to Marsh was her first priority if something went amiss. “If you can’t find the hatch button, then you need to beam out and consider a refresher course at the academy.” She laughed again and leaned on the side of the vehicle waiting for the door to open beside her, out of the way of any possible opening.


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