Transporter Room 1, deck 3

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Zarath and Warwick gathered the data they would need for the procedure, and headed up one deck to the nearest Transporter. After telling the NCO on duty what they needed to do, she checked the viability of the transporter trace and found it had degraded very little. It would be a viable for use.

After a few more moments, the NCO announced that she was ready. Shane looked over at the pair, “Let’s hope this works.”

He climbed onto the platform and onto a transport pad. With a nod, the transporters unique whine began as well as the swirl of blue light as Warwick’s body was dematerialized. With a few touches to the console, the re-materialization process began using the stored transporter trace. It only took a few seconds for the transporter process to complete it’s cycle.

A slightly younger Shane Warwick stood on the platform. Wearing a blue hued Starfleet uniform with the two single colored pips of a full Lieutenant, the Doctor looked at the two others in the room. he stepped off the platform and extended his hand to Zarath.

“Hello, I don’t believe we have met. I’m Doctor Carson Lowe.”
- Warwick or Lowe?

Is it possible that the newly ‘restored’ Warwick has no memory of the passage of time? Is he stuck at the point of time that the transporter trace was created?
This process had been used once before on him, but it was to cleanse his body of a toxin that had been injected an hour previously.

Is Warwick now a man out of time? Only time will tell.

Warwick or Lowe?

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