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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in Sickbay- ‘Missing’ Side Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in Sickbay- ‘Missing’ Side Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in Sickbay- ‘Missing’ Side Sim
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The Surgery did take much longer than anticipated. A few hours later, a very tired sounding Doctor Zarath sent a message to Cassidy Abrams. “Lieutenant, if you’d like to see your father, you may. He isn’t awake yet, and it may be a few more hours until he is… but I believe he’s stable. The damage to his cellular structure was quite bad, but the treatment seems to be working. We can’t know for sure because of the extent of the damage, but his cells are regenerating at the normal rate. The organ tissues and bleeding have been repaired successfully, though the healing process will be much longer due to the cellular decay he’s suffered.”

-Zarath, CMO

There were several beats of silence before Cassidy’s voice sounded through the comm. =/\= And Captain Massey?=/\= she asked, knowing her mother would want to know that information. Many different things hinged on the outcomes of both surgeries but in very different ways.

Abrams, COS

Marsh chimed in, =&=Thank you doctor…=^= He glanced over to Cassidy as he walked nearer so he didn’t have to project to be heard over the comm badge on Cassidy’s chest. “Be nice, the doctor just put in seven hours of surgery.”


Cass’ face shifted expressions, morphing from worry to sadness, to resolve in a matter of seconds. She nodded at Marsh.

“Don’t mention it…” The Doctor muttered, only slightly sarcastically. He was exhausted and unhappy with how the surgery had gone.

-Zarath, CMO

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Cass really had wanted to know about Captain Massey for her mother’s sake, but either way they all needed to get to Sickbay. =/\=We’re on our way,=/\= she said finally.

A few minutes later, they approached Sickbay. Cass stopped and gave Steven an indiscernible look before she took a deep breath and stepped in, following her mother in.

Norene looked for Zarath even though her instinct was to rush to her husband’s side. “How conscious is he? Do you know if he’s aware?”

~The Abramses

One of the other doctors waved them over. “He’s still unconscious, but he’s moved into deep sleep. I think at this point he just needs a lot of rest. He might be able to hear you, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t wake up.”

Norene nodded and reached out to squeeze Cass’ shoulder. Cass smiled wearily at her mother and moved around the other side of her father’s bed.

Norene pulled a stool over and sat as she contemplated her husband. Reaching out, she gently stroked his head, marvelling that they had made it this far. “We made it,” she said softly. “Not enough of us though. I’ll feel better when I can look into your eyes though.” She glanced over at her daughter briefly. “And Cass is here too. No doubt she’l have a pretty good story to share with us about they found us, but we can wait till you wake up.”

Reaching out and taking her father’ limp hand, Cass nodded. “It can wait.”

Inhaling deeply, Norene leaned forward off the stool and kissed Adir’s head. “I’ll be back. I’m going to check on Maxine.” She got up and moved to the other side of Sickbay where Captain Massey was.

For the moment Cass was just happy holding his hand and sitting with him. She glanced up at the readings and saw that yes it might be a little while later.

~The Abramses

Time passed and it was clear that Massey’s coma was unlikely to resolve itself. Cass watched her mother interact with the Captain and saw the subtle straightening of Norene’s spine as she digested the realization that despite her intention of her status as acting captain being a temporary thing, it was likely permanent. Cass wondered if they would make her mother CO as a result and understood even now that that would be both the most respectful decision for the crew but also a hard reality for her mother. No one wanted to get a promotion because someone was taken out of the game. It sucked.

But their attention shifted when Adir moved. It was subtle, but even as she looked up at his vitals she knew he was waking up. Cass immediately felt hot tears slip down her cheeks and she leaned forward, resting her head on his shoulder. Thank you, she sent out to the Universe, her unexpected prayers from earlier answered.

Norene came over and sat on a stool beside her daughter, grateful for this moment together. The three of them being in Starfleet had always meant a certain amount of danger that being together would be a rare thing and she wanted to cherish this moment while it lasted.

~The Abramses

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