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“No,” she replied, dropping her voice to a similar level. “Warwick was here when I arrived, but left. It’s just us right now,” she said, squeezing his hand gently.

“Great, I’m sure you’ll forgive me,” he said.

He began fumbling about with his other hand to make sure he actually knew where he was in relation to her, and definitely ended up brushing against her in ways that would have appeared very unseemly in any other context.

“Now, now,” she told him playfully, keeping her voice down, even as she was simultaneously making sure he had the support he needed.

Johann smirked in the most juvenile fashion ever, but at least knew where he was, and that he wasn’t about to crash into Vora or step on her foot with any of his planned acrobatics. He deliberately slid off of the biobed and his feet made contact with the deck rather firmly.

Doctor Zarath came in, his typical slightly altered gait causing the tap of his cane to ring softly from the deck plates. “Ah, you’re awake.” He said to the Captain as he approached. The Andorian smiled to Vora, and took a PaDD from beneath his arm and began to download the latest info from the Captain’s bioscans. “How do you feel?” He asked, skimming the info as it scrolled over his screen.

-Zarath, CMO

Vora nodded to Zarath in return with a grateful smile.

“I feel like I need to get back to work,” the Captain said plainly. “Can you turn my implants back on?”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

The Andorian grunted softly but began the process of rebooting Dvorak’s implants. “Your brain should be receiving signal now, Sir, can you please follow my finger with your eyes?” He held up his blue index finger and slowly moved it from side to side, then in variations of diagonal motion, watching closely as the implants moved in the Captain’s eye sockets.

Unlike when he had natural sight, the transition from no vision at all to full vision was instantaneous once the signal started to be received; he didn’t have to squint or otherwise wait for his pupils to dilate. There was, however, a wave of disorientation from suddenly seeing the andorian doctor’s hand in front of his face, just because there wasn’t an audible hint of that.

“Yeah, I’m seeing it now,” he verbally confirmed as his implants tracked the motion of Zarath’s hand. They didn’t move like natural eyes; the movements tracking the motion were quick and rigid.

“Are you having any issues with visual acuity?”

-Zarath, CMO

“No, it seems OK. I didn’t actually have any before it happened, either… I don’t think.”

Vora watched quietly, hoping for Johann’s sake that everything was once again working as it should.

Lt. (jg.) Zorell, Sciences

Johann caught Vora’s face in the corner of his peripheral vision while following Zarath’s hand. Quite deliberately, the implants stopped following and instead looked directly at her, and then very rapidly spun in a circular motion that natural eyes would not be able to perform. It was a silly thing he had done for her before, and she would know that it was a very deliberate maneuver.

Vora couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re definitely feeling better,” she said, not holding back her fondness. There were many times when discretion had been called for over the course of their relationship, but now was not one of them, and if someone tried to chide her for it she’d quite happily tell them to jump out an airlock.

As if he also anticipated the need to placate the Doctor next, his implants immediately snapped back to wherever Zarath’s hand is going.

Sienna followed in behind the doctor and watched Johann struggle to get up and going. It was such a classic attitude not only in her husband and the captain, but all Captains in Star Fleet, that she couldn’t help but smile and shake her head. There was only the smallest twinge of her own sadness as she thought to him, Stop thinking about the Bridge. She is in good hands. Pay attention to your doctor and for heaven’s sake take a breath.

Nox, CNS

Oh, you’re here too? Johann thought back. It was a bit of a surprise that Nox was there, even though by now it perhaps shouldn’t have been. “Shouldn’t” was actually a funny word; perhaps he should have already figured out the one major divergence between his own quantum reality and the one Counselor Siennadye Nox came from. Perhaps he should have already adjusted to the idea of her not being on watch at the moment (though she was taking that exam, right?)

As they waited for the Captain to check his full range of visual acuity, which to be fair, could take a moment or two, due to his expanded sensitivity to a larger range of the light spectrum; Zarath looked up and nodded to Nox. “Councilor.” He said softly, by way of greeting. He was still running a scan on his PaDD, which he peeked at as he spoke.

-Zarath, CMO

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IC: “So I don’t actually have any brain damage, right?” the patient asked the doctor as he kept complying with the request to follow the hand with quasi-boredom. “I mean, I can tell already that the implants are fine at this point. I don’t know how to run a diagnostic on my brain.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

That was a question she had too. The effect of the sun flare was really something unexpected and that call to sickbay she overheard when Johann collapsed was one that had been on repeat ever since. A part of her didn’t want him to leave, to stay and rest and make sure he was okay, but they were in a situation and he was the captain. This was the job. So she stayed quiet despite the worry she was radiating. She tried to stay away from that feeling when she thought she might lose him entirely but it was there under the surface.

Lt. (j.g) Zorell, Sciences

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