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Clodagh laughed as the option to beam her in was met with Marsh’s comment of ‘now’. “I think I will wait till the hatch is open, thank you. Come on, open up and let’s figure out this mystery of yours.” She was pretty sure, whatever was inside, wasn’t going to be of much interest to her. But having the hatch open would alleviate a lot of problems if something did happen inside. Being able to get to Marsh was her first priority if something went amiss. “If you can’t find the hatch button, then you need to beam out and consider a refresher course at the academy.” She laughed again and leaned on the side of the vehicle waiting for the door to open beside her, out of the way of any possible opening.


=^=Coward.=^= Marsh added the electonic or manual hatch release to his list of thing he was looking for.


From his orientation in the craft, Marsh would need to head towards the middeck towards the airlock. At the airlock there was a similar manual release handle to open the inner airlock door. With the atmospheric pressure equalized there would not be any explosive decompression or vacuum seal present.

Franklin suppressed a chuckle and continued running scans on the ship’s mechanical make-up, pumping the data into everyone’s tricorders for use. In case the data was needed.

-Franklin, Eng

The ship showed to be in good physical condition despite the charred parts and slight misalignment do to the torque applied when entering warp without a stable field. Sturdy was likely the thought when it was designed. The aft end and the engines took the brunt of the solar flare damage and was likely why it hadn’t exploded. The ‘warp core’ wasn’t actually a matter/anti-matter reaction process at all but instead one giant capacitor or battery. The amount of stored energy needed to initiate even a brief jump to warp was astronomical but somehow they figured out a way to safely store it. Well, safely if you don’t consider the mishap which launched the ship towards the binary suns.

GM Dread

=^+Marsh to bridge, the computer systems are fried, if I want to get anything good out of it I probably will have to pull what’s left of the memory system and hard wire it to another interface. If I do that they are going to know for a fact we were snooping. What are your orders?=^=


=^= We’ll stick to the basic scans. Unless there’s evidence of danger to the crew and ship, further exploration risks complications for the coming meeting. I appreciate the update.=^=

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Standing next to Franklin she listened to Marsh’s report =^=Lt Marsh, do you want an engineer to join you.=^= She asked =^=Bridge, engineering might be able to get something up and running without causing too much damage. The other option might be to download the data core to a sectioned off part of the computer to ensure that it doesn’t infect our systems.=^=. She suggested thinking of ways to get the information that they needed and leave as little trace as possible.


Marsh tilted his head. =^=Well, I’ve got Franklin here… he’s an engineer, but he’s a non-com so I don’t know if that counts.=^=

Franklin caught the CE’s eye and grinned. “We could slag some spare parts and make it look like their computer core melted down, dust it with the right particles and I bet their scanners wouldn’t be able to tell the difference… Then Mr. Marsh could just take the memory core whole.”

-Franklin, Eng

“So, fake an overload and steal the whole thing.”


“Yeah, not sure that will go over very well diplomatically,” Cassidy said dryly. She had moved back out of the craft a bit to give Franklin room to examine things as well. “We’re just supposed to be determining if anything in there is more advanced than the rest of their technology.”

Abrams, COS

Marsh shrugged, “Not my problem. If the X says burn it, I burn it.”


OOC: Is there a next action or information request? I provided a bit more info when Dave did an external scan above.

GM Dread

Mattie nodded “Okay, then we keep doing what we’re doing.” She said “We won’t steal the entire thing. If we can find out the information that we need without going deeper than we have to.” She said as she kept working on the situation that they were working on.


James frowned, thinking. “Is the whole circuit fried? Couldn’t we jury rig the computer with some bypasses and a rigged connection? Even if we had to specially make some older style circuit boards, I bet we could get the damn thing working…”

-Franklin, Eng

Since security was less of an issue and there were already too many people in the space, Cassidy backed out and for a moment just stared at the vessel. Then she decided to approach this with a scientist’s mind. She began another very slow walk around the vessel. “Maybe we don’t need to,” Abrams said loudly. “Maybe we have our answer already. Or at least part of one.”

She waved at Marsh. “Steven, take a look at this…” She gestured to the damage from the solar flare. “They don’t have adequate shielding and they clearly didn’t have a stable warp field. And if Franklin is talking circuit boards, then this is an exceptionally rudimentary system. I mean, sure, someone could have told them how to do this before they were ready, but if were dealing with the interference of a more advanced society, wouldn’t it stand to reason that they would have given them more advanced tech than a supersized battery they have to charge and jump via stars?” It was just a hypothesis but it was one she felt worth exploring for a minute. Even if they could break down the ship, maybe they didn’t need to and then they wouldn’t risk first contact going poorly.

Abrams, COS

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