Side Sim- Mining Colony of Feru III- The New Dawn Festival

Posted May 10, 2021, 1:45 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Side Sim- Mining Colony of Feru III- The New Dawn Festival
For hours, Avik struggled with the invitation. In one version she sounded too forward and another too formal. How some races managed to find a balance between the two was a mystery to her. After her tenth attempt, Avik leaned back into her seat and exhaled to released the build-up of frustration. Even the thought of meeting Officer Zorell brought her anxiety to the surface against her will. Still unsatisfied with her request, Avik sent it through her PADD. The mining colony of Feru III’s held a new dawn festival every year to celebrate its origins and history.

Only her father, brother Kekec and his family would be attending the festival. Unlike most of her blood relatives, Kekec had chosen a human woman and conceived a child earlier than most of her family found logical. However, a small part of her envied her brother’s happiness. It was something she had once before her mate died.

The XO sighed then prepared for the trip a few hours from now. Officer Zorell would either decline or join her, either way, she was duty-bound to go.

-Avik, XO

The invitation sat unopened for about an hour before Vora was able to check her personal messages. Seeing the message from the first officer, Zorell opened it warily, wondering what she had done this time. After the turbolift, she felt like maybe they could at least get along but she had also gotten the impression that Avik had wanted to be as far from Vora as quickly as possible. Was she reading too far into it? Maybe. But she staked her life on her instincts and she felt that Avik did not care much for her, and that was fine. There was no rule that people had to like you, nor you them.

But reading the invitation set a whole swirl of thoughts and feelings through the Tenraith. Why? Why would Avik invite her on such a clearly personal trip? And after a few minutes of pondering this she could only conclude that the XO invited her as some sort of peace offering. Extending that proverbial Terran olive branch. And since it was the XO making the offer she also felt it safe to conclude that not only did Johann approve of the trip, but also of Vora going. Though she would definitely confirm it later.

Exhaling, the Tenraith send a quick message back, accepting the offer so long as her own leave was all sorted. She also asked if there were any customs or social mores she should be aware of. Naturally, she’d look things up, but it was nice to have Avik tell her what might be important to know rather than Vora reading file upon file on the place and having to make those determinations and maybe get them wrong.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

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