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Cass wiped the tears off her cheeks and nodded. “He moved. He should wake up pretty soon, right?” She wasn’t sure if they were ready to ponder her father’s neurological state once he did wake up but it was definitely a case of being grateful for the progress he had made thus far.

“We’re otherwise just in a holding pattern,” Norene said with a weary smile.

~The Abramses

“I’d say that if he’s moving on his own, there’s a very good chance he’ll regain consciousness shortly.” The Andorian smiled, one Antenna curling slightly with relief.

Marsh had returned to sickbay. The Abrams had been holding vigil more hours than not and while he was fairly certain he could have remained with them. He didn’t know what to do with the plan was just to wait. He stopped in periodically when duty allowed, usually armed with a coffee, not that that was necessary as anyone could replicate anything in sickbay. It was just odd to come in empty handed.

“How goes it?” He asked.


“Progress,” Cassidy said, her gaze brighter than it had in days. She happily accepted more coffee, feeling like it was the only thing fuelling her some hours. In all this time Steven had been wonderful. It didn’t surprise her anymore. For all his antics, Steven Marsh was someone you could count on when the going was tough.

That could mean a lot of different things. The measurement devices in the 24 century could detect such minute changes that improvement could be equally minuscule.

Zarath nodded a greeting to Marsh as the man came into Sickbay, and passed his scanner wand over Adir’s forehead slowly, taking his readings. “I don’t see anything here that worries me… Brain Chemistry is normal, Synapses firing normally. Theta wave patterns are normal for deep sleep… He should come around on his own any time now. ” He then busied himself with making notes, adding the latest data to Adir’s medical file, so as to give Marsh a chance to speak with the Abramses.

-Zarath, CMO

“Oh, that’s good.” It was actually good news… not kind of good news.

Norene smiled. “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. It’s greatly appreciated,” she told Zarath.

Cass pulled out a stool for Steven. “How’s the ship. I feel so out of the loop right now. I really should get an update form my Assistant, but I’m not sure if I want to know,” she said with a weary grin.

~The Abramses

Marsh shrugged. “You’re not missing anything. You are exactly where you need to be. Not to mention, I’m on duty… and we all know there’s nothing that I can’t do.”


Cass laughed and for the first time in days it was a welcome feeling. “Yes, I’m sure you can manage.” She sipped the coffee.

Norene gazed at her daughter intently for a moment. “If you wanted to get some rest, you know I’d call you the instant he woke up.”

“I know,” Cass said with a nod. “But I’m not going anywhere.”

Commander Abrams smiled. “You’ve changed,” she said softly.

Cass bolted upright, almost upsetting her coffee. “What does that mean. Is that a good or bad thing.”

Norene gave her daughter a reassuring look. “It’s neither. Just an observation. One from a very experienced officer, but an observation nonetheless. You can take it or leave it.”

Cass just gave Steven a sideways look as if to say ‘help me’.

~The Abramses

Marsh chimed in, “We’ll she started dating me, so we can at least agree her judgement is way improved.” He smiled at Cassidy. When in doubt set yourself up for mockery. Nothing brought people together more than having an enemy to focus on.


“Yes, because I was so lacking before,” Cass quipped with arched eyebrows and a simultaneous grin.

Norene laughed. “Well, I’m glad you’re on the same page.” She was teasing but it was nice to see Cass at ease with someone she was seeing. This was definitely a development she hadn’t expected, though at this point she shouldn’t have been so surprised.

-In the background, somewhere around the corner in his office The Andorian Doctor muttered mostly under his breath… “I just… love small ships…” and then there was a splutter of disgust and a couple of muttered curses about cold tea, along with a few sounds of porcelain being treated rather harshly as a new cup of hot tea was produced… -

A murmur drew their attention and Adir’s lips moved. Or rather it was like he was trying to swallow. “I’ll get some water,” Cass said, jumping up suddenly.

Though Norene was momentarily worried by her daughter’s unease, her focus was pulled by her husband. She moved closer to his head, bracing an arm on the bed. “Hey there Handsome,” she said tenderly.

Adir’s opened his eyes, blinking as he adjusted. Confusion instantly swept across his features. “This isn’t the TAM,” he said before coughing.

Cass was at his side again with a cup a water. “Here, drink,” she whispered.

With help, Adir was able to take a sip and it was only after he settled his head back down on the pillow that he took in who the other woman there. “Cass? How?”

She smiled at her father. “I think someone called for a pickup.”

“It’s a long story you’ll get to hear later,” Norene said, in a rare tearful moment. “But we’re on the Europa. Cass and Lieutenant Marsh and the rest of the crew here helped find us.”

~The Abramses

Marsh chuckled mournfully. “They said you were lost and they were about to give up the search, but Cassidy here didn’t take ‘lost’ for a reason and started the search with the Europa all by herself.”

“Huh,” Adir said softly, taking in both Steven and his daughter rather intently

“She might have decided to go with the hard bodies in the security, but there is an egg head on top of that ‘hard body.’“

Cass couldn’t help but laugh and it felt good to genuinely do so. “Best of both worlds,” she said with a grin.

Zarath appeared briefly to update his scans but did so as unobtrusively as possible. The best thing for Adir now was to be with family as he reaclimated to his surroundings. There would be time enough for in depth check ups later… In the mean time, the biobed would alert him to any drastic changes in the man’s body. He took a sip of tea as he backed out of the way, cane tapping softly on the deck plates.

-Zarath, CMO


“Max?” Adir asked, taking a moment to breathe deeply as a wave of fatigue swept over him.

Norene was quiet for a moment and shook her head. “Brain damage. She’s in a coma and is unlikely to wake up.”

Adir forced himself to reach out and take his wife’s hand. “Oh ‘Rene,” he said sadly and his eyes began to slip closed again.

Adir’s vitals were stable but his heart rate was on the low side. Likely he needed rest and his body would regain strength, but it was also clear that his reserve of energy was currently small.

Norene lifted herself up off the stool a bit and leaned in to plant a kiss on his forehead. “Sleep, my love. I’ll be back later.”

Cassidy also slipped off her stool and moved away from her now sleeping father, though she gazed back at him quietly thoughtful.

“You should get some sleep,” Norene said wth concern and immediately turned to Steven with a conspiratorial smirk. “Make sure she goes to bed, will you? No use having her fall asleep on the bridge while she tries to keep herself going.”

“Haha,” Cass said with an eye roll.

Norene just laughed and let out a deep exhale. “I’m going to go check on my crew. I’ll be back in awhile,” she told Zarath. “But thank you, for everything.”

OOC: I imagined that we could leave this here and then a few days later Adir is released to guest quarters to recover. I am going to start a Lounge thread for the Abrams family and everyone is invited to participate as they see fit. :)

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