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Almost immediately after Marsh was done speaking, the ready room doors parted, and the Captain walked through them, standing near his chair but choosing not to sit. “Thank you, Mr. Marsh,” he said simply. “Let’s try communicating with them. Try to open some sort of visual channel.” Johann would have liked to know more about this society before this step, but events conspired to prevent that from happening.

Shortly after the CO had emerged from the ready room, Avik also followed. They had been in the discussion to catch the CO up on details leading up to here. At this point, the details weren’t important and she casually also took her seat. Quietly she remained in the background to watch the conversation unfold.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“It’s electronic, not that advanced, but secure enough… ” He tapped a few keys. “You’re on.”

=/\= I am Captain Johann Dvorak of the USS Europa. We are a starship on a mission of peaceful exploration on behalf of the United Federation of Planets. =/\=

Start simple, he thought. There would be plenty of time to talk about returning their ship, the non-survival of their pilot, and even to arrange meetings or other activities related to First Contact.

– Johann Dvorak, CO


On the screen was revealed a humanoid face with slight amphibian influences. Their skin was tinged blue with a bit of green mottled around. Upon realizing that there was another person on the communication, they didn’t immediately reply but instead studied Dvorak for what might be perceived to be an uncomfortable and uncanny handful of seconds. This period was broken as their eyes blinked horizontally instead of vertically. =/\=We are Sllrak. We manage this world Sllrostaria. Why do you have our vessel?=/\=

GM Dread

Dvorak didn’t outwardly seem phased by this question, but found it very odd. Nobody told them yet that the guy died? he wondered. He thought somebody mentioned that already.

=/\= We observed your vessel from a distance and noticed that it had a significant navigation error; instead of returning to your space station as planned it entered an area of extremely high solar radiation. We decided to mount a rescue mission in order to save the pilot’s life; unfortunately he died shortly after we brought him aboard our ship, as his injuries were already too severe. His dying wish was that you be informed that he was going to ‘rejoin the Great Cycle’ and had ‘completed his duty.’ =/\=

=/\= We are, of course, prepared to return your vessel to you. =/\=

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Sllrak tilted their head slightly to the side, the body language intent being nebulous. “His duty has served us all.” They paused for a few more seconds before continuing. “We appreciate the efforts you’ve expended to return our vessel. The cost to replace it would exceed 442 solar cycles of productivity. We hope that repairs will save much time.” They paused again before their head tilted the other way. “What is this United Federations of Planets?”

GM Dread

Well that’s, Johann thought, … cold-blooded? He was immediately unsure if his thought was a bigoted joke or an astute observation. But either way, he wasn’t going to give any indication of what he was thinking. At least not while on the call.

Avik continued to sit in the background. Her figure was comfortable in her chair as she rested her arm on the side, her feet planted on the floor. She immediately noted the lack of concern over their deceased. Deep down, she suspected they knew there wasn’t a body for a funeral rite or hadn’t been too concern over it. In some societies death wasn’t something to mourn over, it was a new beginning. When she informed them of the dead pilot, this appeared to be the case.

Of course, the XO wasn’t surprised when the Sllrak stared a bit longer than considered polite by human standards. She suspected humans did the same thing when encountering Vulcans for the first time. However, it did cause her to realize that perhaps their development was natural rather than prematurely boosted. Usually, aliens were depicted as gods when civilians were boosted in technology.

She continued to observe the interaction while putting notes in the back of her head.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“The United Federation of Planets is an interstellar union of planetary nation states who voluntarily co-operate to further the universal rights of all sentient life,” the Captain said plainly. “Over one hundred fifty worlds spread across eight thousand light years are members of the Federation, and exchange knowledge and resources to facilitate peaceful cooperation, scientific development, space exploration, and mutual defense. Our space vessel is part of the Federation Starfleet, which conducts deep space exploration missions on behalf of the Federation, with the goal of seeking out new life and new civilizations.”

Now we get to see if these people understand what ‘rights’ are… he thought.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Well that sounded like the brochure they gave out at the academy, marsh thought to himself.


If Sllrak had any idea of what the concept for rights were they made no mention of it. Instead they latched onto another aspect of the spiel. “One hundred and fifty worldsss…” They muttered in contemplation. Their eyes blinked again slowly as they focused back on Dvorak. “What manner of cooperation is performed? Must there be recompense for joining this Federation?”

GM Dread

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