Nine Forward- 'Missing' Side Sim

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in Nine Forward- ‘Missing’ Side Sim

Posted by Civilian Shane Warwick (Unexpected Guest) in Nine Forward- ‘Missing’ Side Sim
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Carson ate his salad while the Abram’s talked. He smiled at the comradery and love Cassady’s parents shared. It remined him of his own parents for a second, and that brought back melancholy feelings of his own. He didn’t realize how much he had missed them over the years until he saw the couple before him.

He was brought back to the present when asked the question by Adir. He looked over at Cassidy as he spoke. “She has always kept me on my toes.” he added with a sparkle in his voice. “Initially, I was drawn in by her beauty. Who wouldn’t be?”

Cassidy snorted. When she had first met Warwick, he simultaneously flirted with both her and Vora while trying to figure out how to get a date with their CSO at the time. She had to give him props for both audacity and confidence.

Adir smiled deeply and Norene just smirked.

He then continued, “But as I have worked with her, I have seen her differently… A determined dedication to her duty… A fierce loyalty to her friends… Clearly, one of the better officers I have worked with.”

  • Warwick / Lowe

Cassidy pressed a hand to her heart in mock surprise. “Why Doctor, that just might be the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me,” she said with a grin. Whether it was a feigned attempt to make nice with her parents, or an actual compliment, she wasn’t sure, but it also didn’t matter. She wasn’t going to go out of her way to embarrass him. Goodness knew the man had been through enough.

Abrams, COS

Lowe smiled at the compliment. He has an interesting dynamic with Abrams. He had not worked with her much during this current stint aboard Europa, preferring to stay in Sickbay working on his own agenda. But he had seen enough of her over the time he had been aboard, to make the basis for his glowing compliment. With a twinkle in his eye, he thought he might try to ‘poke the bear’ some to see where it gets him.

“She is a dedicated worker. I have been aboard a few months now, and I believe I can count on one hand how many times she has been to Sickbay.”

Adir chuckled and Cass just looked amused.

“So, while we are talking about your daughter…” again with the crooked smile he has perfected over the years, “Any medical info I need to know about her that’s not in her file? Did she break any bones playing Pereses Squares? Does she have an allergy to pineapple?, etc.?”

  • Warwick / Lowe

Adir’s soft blue eyes glinted with amusement and he waved a finger. “Doctor-patient confidentiality… but I’m a medic, so what do I know.” He was relaxed as he sat there and forced himself to eat his broth.

But Norene and Cassidy exchanged a small look and it was Cass who said, “Well, everything’s in my file, including the time I nearly drowned as a kid and that time the Ancient facehugger… thing attached itself to my face and tried to communicate with me.” She touched a point on her neck and then her right ear. “Tentacle things went through there and it basically used me to keep itself alive.” She leaned towards Warwick. “Highly recommend against it, though I has some very bizarre and useful visions about the future.”

“She always has a healthy child but if she did anything it was rather… dramatic,” Norene said with fond teasing.

“Hey! It was never intentional,” Cass said, feigning a pout.

~Mischief Maker


Warwick/Lowe smiled listening to the stories being told. Abrams seemed to have a normal childhood, except for that face hugger thing. He would definitely need to look that one up. It might be in in her classified file in the Counselors office, but he could find a way to see it.

“Cassidy, I am happy to see your family together, and that you seem to be very close.” Warwick /Lowe took another bite off of his plate and continued after he had shallowed the bite, “I lost my parents with the loss of the Oriskany. I was at the Academy at the time. along with my brother, Sean.”

Warwick / Lowe bowing his head somewhat as to not look at any of the Abrams’ in the eye, “And I lost Sean a few years ago.”

“I’m so sorry, Shane,” Cass said sincerely and then immediately realized her mistake. But her parents wou;nd’t know the name mix-up adn for all they knew it was some sort of nickname he had on the ship.

He seemed to be overcome with emotion at that point, and began to tear up. As he moved to wipe his eyes with a napkin, he remarked, “Please excuse me. It seems it still bother’s me.”

Warwick / Lowe

“If you need to, by all means,” Norene said. “But please don’t leave on our account. Adir and I just lost a lot of people we cared very deeply about and I am stepping into the shoes of Captain Massey, who is lying in your Sickbay in a coma that does seem irreversible. We’re just waiting for word from her family about how they want to proceed. BUt Maxine had a thirty day limit on life preserving measures, so…” Norene shrugged, if sadly. “It’s not always quite the same, I know, but family can also be the people you choose, and for many on starship, their shipmates are their family.”

Adir smiled softly. “What my wife is trying to say is that we understand and maybe perhaps one day you’ll find yourself with more family once again.”

~The Abramses

Warwick / Lowe smiled at them, as he stood. “Thank you for reminding me what is the most important thing.” Looking over at the Cassidy he continued, “I have been a loner for many years now. Hopefully I will find some folks that I can call family.”

Cass just smiled at him.

“Thank you allowing me to join you.” Lowe continued as he turned his attention to the parents, “I wish you all the best of luck in your recovery and in the future.”

  • Warwick / Lowe

“Thank you,” Adir said.

Meanwhile, Norene was taking in her daughter and husband with an expression of mystified awe. What were the chances of any of this happening this way? Of them being reunited after such a terrible event? For it it was an act of Faith that simply trusted all was as it should be. “We wish you well,” she said to Carson before he left.

~The Abrams Family

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