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Posted by Civilian Shane Warwick (Unexpected Guest) in Counselor’s Office

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Ever since Doctor Zarath had informed Carson that he had lost seven years, he found that he had not taken it as well as he thought he would. While Shane Warwick thought that Counselors’, in general, were glorified scam artists, Carson Lowe found that working within the system had it’s perks. So, not really knowing what to do, he found himself at the door of Counselor Nox.

Steeling himself for whatever may happen, he took a deep breath and rang the chime.

  • Warwick / Lowe

Not hearing if the chime sounded on the other side of the door, Lowe rang the chime again. He resisted the urge to ring the chime repeatedly.

  • Warwick / Lowe

Sienna, didn’t always practice in her office. Having just finished a session with a patient, she walked around the corner to see a stranger. It was unusual that there were strangers on the Europa she had not known were visiting. Curious, she walked to her office. “Apologies. I finished my last session in the Arboretum. Please do come in.”

Her smile was polite and warm as the doors opened to her office and the automatic lights came on. To the left sat her desk and to the right a comfortable sitting area. One wall had a glass hanging sculpture and beside it a few shelves with trinkets including a replica of the USS Korolev. “I am Lieutenant Siennadye Nox, the Counselor. What is your name and how can I help you?”

Nox, CNS

Warwick /Lowe looked around the office to get his bearings while the Counselor introduced herself. He seemed nervous and almost jittery. There was a moment of silence before he realized she had stopped talking. With a visible gulp, he began; “What is my name? that’s a good question. It seems Counselor that that is why I am here to see you today.”

“Before we begin, where is Carlo? I believe that Carlo Di Nappoli is the Counselor assigned to the Europa?”
- Warwick / Lowe

As soon as she entered her office, she pulled up his records on her PaDD and began skimming. While her mind worked on the record of the man at hand, she answered him in an offhand way. “Well, Di Nappoli is currently serving on the OED V outpost. Some gangster rampaged on the colony for a few months and Star Fleet sent some help to deal with the aftermath of his brutality. Before that, he was at Star Fleet headquarters for advanced training. He has been gone from the Europa for some time.”

Zarath must have been correct. If Di Nappoli had been gone for some time, it would help explain his loss of familiarity. He had been trying to reach out to anyone whom he might still know aboard Europa. With Carlo gone it seemed he was just down to The Captain, and Cassidy Abrams.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. Carlo was a friend…” Warwick/ Lowe began to pace within the office. “My name? My name is Carson Lowe. I’m a Doctor here aboard Europa.”

Her mind continued to process the records and his lost time. A psychologist should be able to think on their feet and Sienna could certainly do that. She smiled as she looked up at him and gestured to the seating area. “Please have a seat. I had heard of your arrival of course, but I did not know when to expect you. Dr. Zarath must have been at least somewhat successful in his treatment of your condition, but I can see it has caused a loss of time. How do you feel about that?”

Taking the seat, Warwick /Lowe was puzzled by what the Counselor said. He did take the offered seat, and decided to answer the last question first. “According to my medical file my condition was at a dangerous level. So it was decided that to give Zarath and I time to find a solution, I would undergo a radical transporter procedure. The outcome was successful and I have bought myself some more years. “

Leaning back on the couch, he continued after a sigh. “How do I feel about that? The procedure prolonged my life. I am grateful for that.”

She shuddered. “Sorry, force of habit that question.” She moved over to sit down in one of the chairs. “I mean to really just ask, how are you coping with that so far.”

Nox, CNS

Warwick / Lowe looked into the dark eyes of the Betazed Counsellor and could see how folks could be comfortable around her. She had a demeanor seemed to put others at ease. Despite his best efforts, it seemed to be working on him.

“I’m comfortable somewhat, but I am disoriented. Everything that I knew were stable; friends, co-workers, even my quarters, well that is not the case anymore.”
“And then there is something else.” he stated leaning forward, “I think most of the people I have met so far know something about me. I did some thing in those missing seven years that is causing people to treat me differently. You said it yourself just a few moments ago. ‘You had heard about my arrival’. As far as I know, I have been aboard Europa for over a year now.”

“Without violating some temporal prime directive, can you tell me what is going on? What happened to me during my missing seven years?”

  • Warwick / Lowe

She understood, perhaps uniquely, what it was like to be lost in the world and she sympathized with his disorientation. Sienna would do all she could to help him reorient himself in this current time because not only was that her job, but also an extreme desire borne from her own experiences with being lost. “I can see how this is all disorienting. I am afraid I can only share with you your personnel file. Psychological files are for myself and of course the Captain and XO. I can tell you, that you did not remain on the Europa for the last 7 years and there is much even we do not know about what happened in those intervening years.” She played with the PaDD settings for a moment and then handed it to him, displaying his personnel file. For the moment, she waited for him to examine it and process it. When he was ready, he would speak to her about his thoughts.

Nox, CNS
Warwick / Lowe took the offered PaDD with a skeptical eye. If he had not been on Europa, where had he been? What had he been doing? He had an idea, but could this all really be about that?

He started to read at the point he felt he was at now. He had been granted a LOA by Dvorak and for all intents and purposes had vanished. This bit of news was disconcerting as he was planning on asking the captain for just that LOA in the near future. With a sense of dread, he read on.

The next entry was recent, a bit over two weeks ago. And it was by Chief of Security, Cassidy Abrams. Cassidy? He just had lunch with Cassidy and her parents a day ago. How did he miss that she was wearing a gold uniform instead of the blue he was used to seeing her in? That’s right, she was in civilian garb. Suddenly several things she had said made sense, like calling him by his real name…

He had been found adrift in a stasis pod and revived by Europa’s medical staff. According to Abrams, he was going by his real name and had survived incarceration by the Orion Syndicate. The next statement brought a smile to his face. That he had claimed to have dispatched the person he had been searching for.

Shaking his head he finished reading then handed the PaDD back to Nox. “Well, it seems I have been a busy boy.”

She nodded and set the PaDD aside. He had been. Though she had only skimmed the information, she had gotten the gist of his travels.

“This Doctor Zarath and I seemed to have reset my life… and with it my only goal for the future.” looking intently at the bewitching Nox, he asked, “So… what do I do now?”

  • Warwick

She shrugged. “I suppose that is up to you. When a person finishes a goal, they usually find a new one. You go by two names, which do you wish to continue on as? Do you want to stay in Star Fleet? Stay in your current career? Stay on the Europa?”

“The only reason I went by Carson Lowe was because I had an Orion assassin looking for me, and I needed time to find him… before he found me, again.” Warwick replied emphatically, “I’m done running. So I think I’ll be myself. I’ll be Shane Warwick, yet again.” That last bit he added with a smile.

All were excellent things to consider, but she had more. “There is also your personal life to consider. Besides your medical needs, there is also the need to perhaps see if you have retained any of your memories after Dr. Zarath used the transporter to give you more time. These are only suggestions of course. The big question is, what do you want to do? And I am not the type of counselor that needs all the answers right away so don’t feel any pressure to give them to me now.”

Nox, CNS

Warwick sat back in his seat and just rotated his gaze between Nox, the ceiling, and the floor as he pondered the questions she had put to him.

“You know, in my youth, I never really had much use for Counselor’s. They were no real help to me when my parents died, and as I grew more cynical and my outlook took on a more Ferengi centered existence. I’m glad you’re not one of those quick-fix artists, as I believe I will need time. Lots of time to figure out what to do next.”

  • Warwick

Many people had apprehensions about counselors. Some people saw them as nosey, some saw them as an adversary, and some simply saw them as ineffectual. Sienna hoped she changed peoples minds, one at a time. To her, the job was a calling. The healthier mentally that the crew was, the more effectual they were at their own work. Their work in turn helped others. She liked helping people live their lives contentedly, and perhaps even excitedly. She took the compliment Warwick gave as it was intended, choosing not to dwell on yet another person who looked at her profession in general as full of whack jobs.

“So then, in the meantime, Mr. Warwick.” She smiled using his name. “I would recommend that you get back to work.” Her smile grew wider and she held up her hands to forestall any objection or comment. “I know if might seem as though that is pushing you in a direction but actually, its just that people tend to recover memories faster when they are doing activities they are used to doing. And when you are able to focus on work for a while, it will give your mind time to process while giving you the endorphins that come from doing a good job and being useful outside oneself. Perhaps in the short term, working will help you.”

Nox, CNS

‘Get back to Work?’ Shane was slightly taken back by her statement. It sounded like a line his father would have used when he was younger. As Nox continued to profess the healthy benefits of working, Shane was thinking about what his job actually was. He figured he would ask the obvious question.

“That’s one of my issues, Miss Nox. Where do I go? What do I do? When I previously left Europa, I was hiding in plain sight as a Doctor. If what you say is true about my last seven years, I am a civilian on a military ship. I have no rank or true place on this ship, despite the uniform I am wearing.”

“I guess I could find someone who could use my skills, but without permission from a member of the Command staff, I’m a fish out of water.”

  • Warwick

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