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Posted Aug. 16, 2021, 1:40 a.m. by Gamemaster Creeping Dread (Gamemaster) (Matt Evans)

Posted by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) in Bridge - Europa in Trouble - Main Sim

Posted by Gamemaster Creeping Dread (Gamemaster) in Bridge - Europa in Trouble - Main Sim

Posted by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) in Bridge - Europa in Trouble - Main Sim
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Not even a few minutes after the away team beamed down to the planet below the Europa shook as if something struck it. The computer chimed an alarm throughout the ship before main power failed and the emergency lights flickered on. Propulsion, weapons, shield, communications were all offline and the circulation of air seemed to have stopped so life support may have failed as well.

GM Dread

The Captain had been sitting in the command chair on the Bridge at that particular moment, and therefore managed to appear relatively unphased as Europa seemed to be instantly transformed from an advanced starship into a very large and heavy paperweight.

“Status report,” he said simply as the Bridge was then bathed in the red light of emergency power.

“Main power is out,” the NE at the Engineering console reported. “I mean, at least up here.” Without communications to the rest of the ship it was impossible to tell what exactly happened to the ship.

“Helm is not responding,” the NE at the Conn reported. Thankfully their orbit was stable before whatever just happened, but if it was something that had actually hit them they couldn’t expect to escape.

“My panel is dead,” the NE at Tactical said sounding defeated.

“Are sensors working? Any of them?” the Captain asked.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

A science NE pulled out a tricorder and attempted to do a scan locally while not relying on ship power. “I’m able to get a reading by tricorder up to a deck or so away but I cannot get anything outside of the hull.”

GM Dread

“Okay,” the Captain said. He was initially a bit perturbed by the brevity of that report, but decided not to show it. Then upon additional reflection, it was very strange that the tricorder couldn’t read anything at all outside of the hull; with the bridge being at the top of the saucer section just like every other Federation starship, it meant that they should be able to get something nearby, even if “something” was just the vacuum of space.

“What does the reading say about what you can find a deck or so away? Is this power loss localized?”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

The NE made a hmm noise before tapping on the tricorder a couple of more time. “I’d like someone with engineering to double check, but it looks like power could be out ship-wide. The other decks I can detect are on emergency power.”

GM Dread

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