Side Sim- Mining Colony of Feru III- The New Dawn Festival

Posted Aug. 21, 2021, 11:25 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) (Janice B.)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) in Side Sim- Mining Colony of Feru III- The New Dawn Festival

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Side Sim- Mining Colony of Feru III- The New Dawn Festival

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) in Side Sim- Mining Colony of Feru III- The New Dawn Festival
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“Yes,” Avik answered.

She was careful not to sound reprimanding over the lack of knowledge. During her time on Starfleet, she had a few encounters with races ignorant of her cultural values and Nox even pointed out during their appointment. Ignorance wasn’t a flaw, it was a problem solved with knowledge. It was something Avik had to remind herself of on occasion.

“It is also helpful to be able to take off the gloves to touch a datapad screen without smearing it with sauce or crumbs.” She added, trying to come off as amusing.

“I guess that makes sense.” Cassandra retracted from additional questioning as she tended to Jasper.

In the background, Avik’s brother, father, and niece were locked in conversation. Mainly exchanging theories over Kekec’s latest project as it melded into the scenery.

“Vora, I noticed you were very good with Jasper. I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but do you have any experience with children?”

-Avik, XO

Vora smiled softly. “I have a son myself, though he’s just grown now. We spent most of our lives apart but we were reunited a few years ago. And I guess though I never raised a small child myself I’ve always enjoyed children.”

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

“I can empathize with the struggle. Kivl is from Kekec’s daughter from an arranged marriage,” Cassandra’s eyes wandered over to Kivl.

By this time, the young teenager was enjoying her meal. The woman let a moment of silence pass before she jumped back to the earlier topic. “There are times we conflict, but we’ve managed to find a respect for each other. At least, I hope so. I wonder some times.”

“Cassandra.” Avik’s words interrupted the woman’s thoughts.

“Kivl wouldn’t hesitate to protest her disapproval of you as her father’s mate. Especially if she felt the match was harmful.”

“I suppose you’re right. I’ve never gotten use to that.” She turned back to Vora, the warmth in her expression replaced the worry.

“It’s not easy to be a parent for a child, but something tells me that you would be a natural. I do hope you eventually get that opportunity one day.”

-Avik, XO

For a moment Vora’s breath was stuck and she couldn’t get air, her face frozen in surprise. But it passed quickly. It was the question, wasn’t it? Could they? Maybe the genetics wouldn’t work out, or maybe Vora’s issues were too severe. She was told they would be, but did she trust her people’s medical ability with this? not a chance. Still…” A small exhale escaped her lips. “Yeah, maybe. My partner and I have discussed it, but there are… complications at play.” She shrugged. It was what it was.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

Cassandra immediately regretted her statement, but hid it from her expression. She simply gave a sympathetic look before she took another bite of her meal. The pasta was nearly finished as she moved on to check Jasper.

“Life isn’t easy and it’s sad when complications crop up. However, I’m sure you two will figure it out. Science has had many advancements and there are always other options.” She smiled.

Avik decided to draw attention away from the slightly sour topic.

“I believe Cassandra has led the conversation enough. Vora, do you have any questions or anything pleasant to share?” She hoped the invitation might help to ease the emotions starting to fill the scenery.

-Avik, XO

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