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Marsh came in late, as was common, his equipment was already on, tricorder and phaser on his hips. He had actually placed 2 mini in mouth respirators. He just had a feeling. They didn’t carry a lot of oxygen, but it was enough to surprise someone who didn’t think a race was aquatic.


Once all the team had arrived, a total of five with two additional ones for security detail, it was time to go. Avik addressed the man at the console. She pushed down her own inner worries as she focused on her mission.

“Officer Smith, beam us out.” The man had already received their coordinates earlier that hour.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

NE Waldo nodded from his spot behind the transporter controls and initiated the transport.

After the transport finished, the away team found themselves standing in a public square. There were statues lining either side of the square with what looked individuals of the species. Notable figures or leaders perhaps? The square itself was cordoned off by police or a security detail, keeping away any sort of passerby. At about twenty paces from the away team was a group of people who seemed to be waiting for them and some of them were definitely armed, though not pointing their weapons at the team. One of the group stepped forward and closed the distance by half before they spoke. “I am Sllyro and I welcome you to our planet.”

GM Dread

Keeping her sidearm holstered, Cassidy’s gaze swept their surrounding keenly and noted their host’s security also was armed. Okay, prepared and alert. Good. It wasn’t her place to speak here, so she kept quiet with a neutral expression.

Abrams, COS

Marsh smirked, it was like senior prom. His date’s dad, the Baron of Marlboro, had four stable hands and two cooks all armed with pitchforks, or butcher knives, to stare angrily at him when he picked her up.

Avik took a moment to untangle her mind from her anxiety. Just because Vulcans were very ridge in their control over emotions didn’t mean they lacked them. Already her eyes were studying the individuals before her from their physical appearance to their behavior, allowing a little room for loose understandings. Usually, many humanoid groups held common reactions, but there were occasional ones that wrecked logic.

She hoped this group wouldn’t be the second classification.

The XO stood her ground as she watched one of the group break off and approach them. The Vulcan returned the greeting while retaining a stoic expression and fell into introductions.

“I’m Avik. This is our Chief of Security Abrams, Chief Science Officer Marsh, and Counselor Nox…” She finished up the introductions with the other two officers that made up their security detail.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Marsh waved, “Hello.”

OOC: For now, I assuming that the Counselor joined the group and allowing her to fade into the background.

-Janice B.


Sllyro tilted their head at both greetings, perhaps it was meant as an acknowledgement or maybe a curious gesture. “Yes, of course you are. I was tasked with meeting with you and ascertaining whether our race would find benefit in joining your Federation.” Their gaze took in the uniforms and equipment on each of the away team. A tongue protruded from their mouth for a moment as if to taste the air. “You all seem to be in fine health and reasonable equipped. Are you a standard example of someone from your Federation?”

GM Dread

This was definitely Avik and Nox’s territory, but the scientist in Abrams was analyzing the group before her for information: their clothing, their body language and what that might tell her or not, their architecture and the natural surroundings. No detail was too small to be potentially useful.

Abrams, COS

OOC: Haha, no detail is too small huh?

The area the away team was in was immaculate. The tiled square they stood in could be marble, or some sort of equivalent stone, for as glossy and polished as it looked. There were evenly distributed trees around the square that were turquoise in color while everything else that wasn’t the paved path was a field of lavender grass. Since this was the capital of the civilization perhaps such regimented nature isn’t too surprising. The only building to note was a tall tower a ways behind the native delegation. The administrative building or capital building? Clearly the tallest one in sight anyway. It tapers towards the top of it’s several hundred meter high height. If the sun wasn’t being blocked by the gas giant, the white façade would likely be blinding. Above the tower was a lightly shimmering blue shield that also doubled as the cities light source. It would look close to a normal sky if not for the aurora effect on display.

The delegate Sllryo was dressed in a simple but elegant wrap that was streaked with blue and green. Their skin tone was light blue with mottled dark blue in places. Since the Doctor was the only one to have seen the soon deceased pilot, it might be surprising when the delegate’s eyes blinked horizontally and not the mammalian vertically. Behind Sllryo was the escort team and their dress was more function over form, where it was black and dark brown with padding at the joints. The efficacy against phaser blasts were questionable but perhaps the uniforms would stand up to a kinetic round or hand-to-hand strikes. Their body language, if accurate when viewed in the lens of Abrams’ experience compared to their society, was focused but not strained. They clearly knew what they were about, and while some paid sole attention to the away team, the rest were constantly scanning for any other threats.

“Yes, I would agree I am a standard example of a Vulcan female. The Vulcans are just one race of the Federation and others have joined since its establishment.” Avik attempted to clarify Vulcans weren’t the sole race in charge within the Federation, it was a collection.

She moved onto the reason for their mission and first contact.

“Currently, our main objective is to investigate and observe. Once we send a report back, someone more suitable will take over.” She was honest as possible but she didn’t go into details. It wasn’t necessary to mention the suspicion of outside influences affecting their development. Not yet at least.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Marsh smirked, “A little above average.” He glanced. “Also we are from Star-Fleet the exploration wing of the Federation. Typically, Federation citizens do not wear uniforms, probably don’t carry sensor equipment, and other supplies.”


Sllyro became preternaturally still at Avik’s statement. Their skin bristled as the shade flushed to a bright red for a moment before returning to it’s original light blue. “Investigate? Us?” The escort behind them all focused on the away team at this moment and a tension filled the air as if a band had been pulled taut.

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