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Marsh smirked, “A little above average.” He glanced. “Also we are from Star-Fleet the exploration wing of the Federation. Typically, Federation citizens do not wear uniforms, probably don’t carry sensor equipment, and other supplies.”


Sllyro became preternaturally still at Avik’s statement. Their skin bristled as the shade flushed to a bright red for a moment before returning to it’s original light blue. “Investigate? Us?” The escort behind them all focused on the away team at this moment and a tension filled the air as if a band had been pulled taut.

GM Dread

Marsh felt the change of tone. He made a conscious effort not to move his hand towards his phaser in an instinctive move to protect himself from an encounter that had begun to turn hostile. He couldn’t figure out what the Vulcan might have said to anger the ambassadors. Perhaps it was the term investigate… or report back. Marsh attempted to divert the conversation, “My comment about being ‘above average’ was an attempt at humor. Its a common human act to create positive feelings. Did it not have that effect?”


Sienna watched the exchange quietly, letting her senses take in the emotions of the delegation. She wanted to know how they were feeling about the away team and its objective. She wondered if they had telepaths here or empaths.

Avik remained planted in place. Her eyes fixed on Sllyro’s sudden shift in color and the escort team’s attention now directed at them. Mentally the XO analyzed her words to determine if she came off as hostile or not. To her knowledge, she hadn’t and simply the words created an aggressive reaction. Strange, she thought, then noted it away.

Meanwhile, Marsh decided to try to ease the tension with a casual comment to derail the conversation. Unfortunately, that tactic only delayed the issue, not resolved it.

“It was a well chosen compliment, Marsh. Even if it was to draw positive emotions,” Avik stated, indicating that she couldn’t smile at it on the outside. From that attempt to relax the situation, she moved on.

“Based on your selection of words, it appears our objective has upset you. Due to the differences in culture, it is confusing for a logic based race like mine to understand why. May I ask for you to explain this? ” She hoped their CoS had started to prepare if the situation became hostile or she might be spending time in sickbay.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

She stepped forward to stand beside Avik with a pleasant confusion upon her features. “Perhaps we were simply misunderstood. Language can be tricky when two peoples first come together. We would be prepared to explain our meanings as well. We come in peace and do not mean to offend good sir.”

Nox, CNS

Marsh just tilted his head.


Sllyro observed the ones speaking to them for a minute before gently raising a hand. The escort team visibly relaxed and went back to their previous tasks of actively looking for threats.

“Perhaps it is true that I misunderstood your meaning. Typically an investigation is conducted in the case of wrong doing. So for you to come and investigate us can be inferred that we did something wrong.” Sllyro was not possible to read by either telepaths or empaths. Neither were any of the escort team. Their thoughts and emotions were silent.

GM Dread

When Nox stepped forward, Avik retreated and let the counselor handle the escalating situation. The woman held more experience than she did and could read individuals far easier. No longer being the center of attention, she immediately noticed something odd. A disturbing lack of thoughts. Earlier, they were defensive which often ignited the scene with thoughts and emotions. Nothing overwhelmed or invaded Avik’s strong walls. Focused so hard on making a good impression, she missed the eeriness of it.

Only a few things in her experience ever lacked thoughts. Often they were materialized on the holodeck and gave her peace of mind. Being outside of that environment and experiencing it, did the opposite.

Nox’s empathy would pick up immediately on the sudden spike of intense concern in the XO. Visually, both Marsh and Abrams noticed her fist clench tightly as she calmly stood nearer.

“Maybe investigation was the wrong word choice now that we understand why you reacted that way.” Avik continued to play her role, not willing to reveal her discomfort.

Avik’s pinky finger began to tap a distinct pattern on her thigh. It was repeated a few times and for anyone familiar with it, it was morse code. The pattern said: Careful. They have no thoughts. Something is not right. She had learned that some of her crew had a military background. However, she was now testing to see if anyone was familiar with it.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

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A problem easily enough solved. He would wait for the response.


Cassidy held a supportive position, but one in which she could leap into action if necessary. Likewise, her sidearm was holstered but she was ready to reach for it if necessary. She noted Avik’s causal tension and the tapping but had only guessed shortly after that there might be a message so she missed part of it, but either way she was already on alert as she kept an eye out for any sudden changes, even little ones.

Abrams, COS

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“How would you word it then?” Sllyro asked with a slight tilt to their head. “What exactly have you come here to ascertain?”

GM Dread

Marsh looked back back and forth waiting for a response.


Avik stopped tapping on her thigh. She hoped someone had noticed, but asking would’ve given it away and drawn unnecessary attention toward her. At Sllyro’s questions, she found herself unable to say anything but the truth.

“I might’ve used inquiry instead. Starfleet has a protocol that is called the Prime Directive. This is a principle for all ships exploring space that prevents us from interfering with the development of other civilizations and cultures except in certain situations.” She made sure to pause for a breath and make a swift note about their reactions before she continued.

No immediate reaction was given. Which could be a good thing, if Sllyro was waiting for all of the facts before addressing them with logic. It might be problematic to judge the non-response by human or Vulcan standards however.

“Last we knew of your planet and its civilization, you were not close to achieving warp technologies. So part of our mission is to determine how that happened so quickly and if someone within the Federation broke the Prime Directive.” Or someone outside the Federation, she added silently in her mind. Avik braced inward for whatever happened with this information now that it was aired.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Sllyro nodded at Avik’s last statement. “We don’t know what this ‘warp technology’ you speak of is exactly, however we have recently propelled a ship faster than was thought possible utilizing the curvature of gravity doppling. Perhaps this is the ‘warp’ that you refer to.” They paused to glance at each member of the away team. “A member of our race is a prodigy in many ways that the rest cannot comprehend. They claim that the knowledge and ideas in their head are gifted by the one who manages the Great Cycle, or Shulrak. I am ashamed to claim that no such revelations have been given to me but I strive to work toward the Great Cycle nonetheless.”

Marsh did not add that races develop at different rates. Although the leap that they had made was so improbable it bordered on impossible.


Sienna wished Avik had not said that yet, but eventually it would have been discovered through their inevitable line of questioning. “Our main purpose though, is to create a relationship with you and your people, to get to know your culture, history, and technology, to see how we can benefit each other in our future dealings. We explore new life and civilizations. We want to expand our understanding of the universe through these methods and advance all civilization.”

Nox, CNS

Sllyro nodded again but this time towards Nox. “Understanding and sharing of knowledge is welcome. My earlier… outburst, was due to a sense of insecurity. Your technological advantages far outstrip our own, as could be seen from the retrieval of our lost vessel, and so the idea of such a technologically superior entity… investigating us, was very unsettling. As if all of our secrets would be laid bare against our will.”

GM Dread

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