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Sienna also looked skyward. She clamped down on her worry before it could effect Avik though deep inside she was incredibly concerned. She turned to Marsh. Would the Europa be best assisted by adding yet another crewman to the problem? She wondered about that. As much as she wished to be there, she would simply be in the way of people who were likely already handling the problem… whatever it was.... if they could. She swallowed hard and turned to Sllyro. “Is there anyway you can send a ship from your station to check on the Europa and report back to us?”

Nox, CNS

Sllyro shook their head again. “We have already visually checked your ship since the moment it drew near to our station. We haven’t noticed any changes beyond the emissions stopping. Curiously the 380 to 700 nanometer wavelengths stopped as well but we have no idea what the use of those were.”

GM Dread

Avik’s eyes flickered to Marsh then Nox, her mental defenses raised on impulse. It wasn’t necessary when Nox reigned in her emotions causing the XO to relax. With a deep breath, she rolled out her thoughts on the matter. She addressed Marsh first.

“Marsh, I would agree if we had more information. However, without that, we risk adding to the problem if we go up there without answers. The CO is trained to handle dangerous situations and has more crew up here than we do down here.” She hated to say it, but without information they risked creating a bigger issue.

“I think our first task is to figure out what happened and if we can come up with a solution from here. Going up there should be our last option unless information proves otherwise. Right now, all we know is the ship has no power. I suspect Engineering is likely working on that issue and trying to fix it.” Avik let the thought linger for a moment then moved on.

“One possible theory is that the source could be somewhere outside of the ship. Something that neither of our groups know about.” She made sure to include the last part to prevent additional hostility from emerging. Considering their last reaction, she didn’t feel like treading over the same mistake and wasting time.

“Marsh, do you think if you had access to the data that it might help with answers or do you have other ideas?”

He tilted his head, frustrated he wasn’t at the point of the spear - dealing with the problem directly. “Any information is better than no information.” He spun the tricorder up looking up for things that projected the inverse waves of 380 to 700 nanometer or something that produced those frequencies.

No doubt Marsh was chomping at the bit to be up there and fixing things. He prided himself on his abilities and intellect and with good reason. She could feel his frustration and felt for him. Her eyes gazed upward at the unseen ship and she tried not to think about her worry.

Her attention then turned to Nox. “Nox, could you possibly talk with the individuals that observed the ship? They might have some information that you could help collect and piece together.”

She nodded her head and turned to Sllyro hoping he could facilitate such a discussion or provide further information.

While Avik didn’t air it, she felt Nox could also determine if someone was hiding something. It was strange that shortly after they established first contact that the Europa’s power went off and even the emergency power didn’t reactivate. Though it was just a suspicion and she had no evidence to back this up. All she could do was rule it out at least.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr


Nox, CNS

While the others were troubleshooting, Cassidy knew there was little she could do without more information herself. At least she could help Steven on the science end if needed. Right now though, her main focus was remaining alert. They were a small group currently stranded in the middle of a first-contact situation where they had established that something was a bit off in their dealings with these people. It would not do to be careless and drop her guard, and thus put her shipmates in more danger. Then again, Cass had always been cool under pressure, and while she shared the other’s concern for their ship and crew, it was good to have specific things to focus on. “Three-eighty to eight hundred nanometers is very much the Human visible range of electromagnetic spectrum. Do your people have visual capacity outside of that range?” Cass asked curiously, hoping to at least keep a dialogue going while they tried to pinpoint what was going on with the Europa.

Abrams, COS

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