Side Sim- Mining Colony of Feru III- The New Dawn Festival

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Vora was torn. She was sure that the tunnels would be fascinating, but not knowing what to expect in advance make it a rather questionable proposition. And yet she was a geologist by original training so naturally she wanted to see the geode. She froze in place as she pondered how best to handle the dilemma. “How large are the tunnels? Is there much room to maneuver?”

~Vora Zorell, Scientist

“Since it’s formed by nature, it varies. There’s some tunnels that get very tight then widen out farther down. Most of the time, we’ll need to go single file until we hit a rest point.” Avik stated as she continued only a step ahead of Vora.

Seeing the sudden stop, a she grew a little concerned and then added. “It depends on your tolerance to enclosed places. If you handle them very poorly, I think the center is the better option.”

Avik didn’t say why, but she did recall that Vora had freaked out twice in tight spaces. As she waited for a reply, she felt her brother’s and father’s eyes linger on her. Of course, they were worried while they pieced together the discomfort that risked infecting the air.

-Avik, XO

It wasn’t just a small space that was the issue, it was the circumstances around it. While she had come a long way in her healing, there were still aspects of her trauma that reared its ugly head now and again. would these caverns and tunnels do so again? The rational part of her mind, the one that craved soothing her scientific curiosity, said that it wouldn’t. That she would be fine is she remembered her goal: satisfying her curiosity. “I want to see the geode,” she said quickly, her breath catching. Aware as she was that attention was on her, Vora smiled and it was only half-forced. “I will admit that small spaces can be problematic, but I think the goal of satisfying my geologist’s curiosity outweighs the risks.” Was she feigning bravery? No, she didn’t think so, but even as there was a subtle war going on inside, Vora was overriding the voice that would stop her from trying things. Its input was not wanted or required right now.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

Avik was satisfied with the answer given. However, a small amount of worry trickled in and started to settle. She pushed it down then to the back, not letting it infect her. However, her brother and father made it difficult to fully cast it from her mind. Their eyes remained on her as if a hidden worry was sprouting underneath their stoic expressions.

Overhearing Vora’s statement, she knew it wasn’t the woman they were worried about. It was her.

Deciding to lower the awkwardness, Avik spoke first. “If anything changes, please inform us and we’ll cut the tour short.”

Cassandra, due to Jasper’s impatience, then turned to the group. “I think we better get going or Jasper might beat us there.”

All in agreement, they began to move again. Slowly her brother drifted behind until he was right next to her. In a casual voice, he spoke. “If you believe it would be better, father and I can remain near you as a precaution.”

Avik shook her head. “Cassandra will need help with Jasper. I doubt your daughter wants to spend her whole trip trying to keep him from wandering off. Besides, I’m getting better.”

Kekec didn’t look like he fully believed her. His eyes lingered far too long to be logically appropriate. She reached out a hand and gently rested it on his arm, a minor reassuring gesture from their childhood. Avik felt him relax ever so slightly once more.

“Very well. If you feel overwhelmed, please don’t ignore it. I don’t want a repeat of the incident you had with mother.”

She took a breath then once more reassured him. “It has already happened at least twice.”

The tension returned forcing her to quickly add, “But I can keep myself under control. Don’t draw illogical assumptions.”

It wasn’t a complete incorrect statement, but it wasn’t completely accurate. To some degree she could manage control, but if Vora emotions became too out of control then she couldn’t be sure what would happen.

The group drew closer to the entrance of the cavern as a booth came into sight. It stood out in front with a decent line in front. The line began to shrink as people purchased tickets and then were directed to the nearest tourist guide. Some remained waiting until the prior group surfaced then switched places. Kekec had moved up to pay for the tickets while the rest of them hung back, patiently waiting.

Jasper looked at Vora then asked a question lingering on his mind. “What’s your favorite rock?”

-Avik, XO

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-Janice B.

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