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“Factions by our definition are a small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics. Perhaps a group of people who would not welcome non native people?” She did her best to keep her language simple since it seemed they had trouble understanding. She didn’t mind though. Words had power and meaning.

Nox, CNS

Sllyro shook their head in confusion. “We do not have any groups that dissent from the whole. Everyone is in agreement as is intended by the Great Cycle. We are all cautious of non-native people but none of else will refuse to welcome you, unless given cause.”

Still working on her little problem, Abrams was still aware of her surrounding and remained in protection mode. And not for the first time since they beamed down did she wish Vora was here so they could make use of that magnificent memory of hers. She knew that if they could ask the exact right question that they might unravel a whole bunch of the mystery, but which question was the right one? How did she knew if she was on the right track? She drew closer to Marsh and spoke quietly. “They don’t seeike we do. So if we adjust our idea of what sight is and include a much broader spectrum of the EM spectrum, what does that tell us about how they operate and what they might not even realize they know?”

Abrams, COS

Marsh spun the dial back and forth. At this point with this level of power he just started looking in windows. Starting aft moving towards engineering.


OOC: What are you looking for specifically?

The Europa’s hull looked intact but there were no running lights or visible lights from any of the windows that could be seen.

GM Dread

OOC: Well, hand beacons, tricorder, computer screens would provide visible light even if the ship was unpowered (so none of that) which means the ship is pitch black through the windows. Combustion thrust, from the engines to maintain orbit… that would be a sign of life. EVA’s might occur. A ship would start getting cold fast… looking for energy dissipation through the hull. I can start with that.

Curiously there were no emissions from the ship at all, whether it was heat, station keeping thrusters, or even shifts in the chromatic aura. It was almost like the ship was in a state of stasis, or at least from the perspective of the observer.

OOC: So is she still in orbit, moving, or just frozen.

OOC: In relation to the point of observation you can’t tell. Whatever is watching the Europa could be tracking it in a way that no movement is detectable.

She smiled at Sllyro. “Well, that is good to know. It puts my mind at ease a little given how worrisome our ship’s current condition is. I am sure it is some kind of mechanical failure and we appreciate both you bringing it to us so quickly and also your assistance as we try to figure out what happened and help our ship in any way we can.” She hoped answers would be forthcoming soon.

For now, she decided to keep with the mission as Abrams and Marsh worked on the Europa issue. “Tell me of this Great Cycle, Sllyro. It sounds fascinating.”

Nox, CNS

Sllyro paused in thought before they attempted to explain. “The Great Cycle is what all of us live our lives according to. One is born, one works for the race, when it’s time for one to pass their essence returns to the Cycle to be of use to the race again. Everyone has their role in the Great Cycle, to be a font of wisdom, a guardian, a leader, a worker, a technician, or one who goes to space. Each has their calling.”

GM Dread

Avik patiently waited for information from Marsh as he examined the ship’s condition. Her attention was divided to listen to Nox’s conversation with Sllyro, specifically about any factions they might’ve been at odds with. Thankfully none was confirmed. However, that didn’t shake her unease. Her logical mind kept finding issues with the fact these people failed to fit her past experiences with lacking emotions and near perfection with their motivation. Unity was unusual to find across the galaxy.
However, she had to first discover what was happening on the Europa.

Marsh looked over… “She’s dead in space, no energy, no maneuvering, no lights, no sign of life. All the escape pods are in place, shuttles bays are closed. Whatever happened, happened almost instantaneously.”

Based on what information she had gathered, standing on the arrival spot would not aid them much. They needed gear better equipped to study space or at least attempting to communicate with their ship.

She turned to Sllyro. “Apologies for interrupting the conversation, but do you have a location or building dedicated to space studies that we can quickly access? I believe we need more data than standing here might provide.”

Avik was unsure if they could quickly access the space station or if a ground building was the faster option. Visually, they could only gain so much data and it didn’t solve the mystery of what happened. Her Vulcan mind told her more was needed and a critical piece was missing.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr


She had been about to ask about how they determined someone was going to be rejoining the Great Cycle and if they believed this also applied to people who visited this planet, when Marsh and Avik both gave reason to change the subject. Dead in space she thought with dread, again her dark eyes lifting to the area in the sky where the Europa was. That was definitely not something she wanted to hear. She closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the intense worry for the Captain and her crew. Then she turned to Sllyro hoping he would have some help to give.

Nox, CNS

Every part of Cassidy wanted to beam back to the ship this instant, but… they couldn’t. They were stuck here for the time being. Avik’s question about their facilities was a good start because they might be able to interpret data these people collected but didn’t know what to do with. If she couldn’t so much in the way of security (she was naturally still on alert and watching the area), then she could switch her mind back to science and try to continue being useful there.

Abrams, COS

OOC: I feel like this is a D&D campaign and that when you finally let your guard down the trap will be sprung. Haha.

Sllryo observed the away team with that reptilian like cold expression for a few moments before tilting their head. Any telepathically gifted could catch a very faint thought, but from somewhere distant. After a momentary pause they said, “I’ve been instructed to bring you to our space command center. We do not have a building strictly for the study of space, but one where all of our operations are run. The view of your ship can be seen on a larger screen there and of our tending vessels can be directed from such a place.”

GM Dread

With the absence of thoughts or emotions among their hosts, the faint thought popped out like a beam to Avik. Her mind locked onto the ripple among the calm, empty sea. Any attempts to trace it back to the source failed immediately, inwardly she cursed her inept abilities. Nox would’ve easily caught her shift from calm to uncomfortable before Sllryo spoke. Unable to speak of it in front of their group without revealing something was up, she nodded.

“Thank you,” she answered simply, then waited to be led.

Deep down, she hoped Nox or others might have caught Sllryo’s wording. Communications between individuals usually required a device or biological means, but telepathy wasn’t mentioned or used until now. She wondered if someone or something else was guiding these individuals for some reason.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

Now that they were going to be on the move, Cassidy refused more intently. At least in the open they had options, but they were going inside a building they knew nothing about and had little information about the customs of these people. There were plenty of places for things to go wrong, so she was prepared to act quickly if need be. But there was only one of her. She couldn’t be everywhere at once.

Abrams, COS

“Do you have any devices that can get a person into orbit?” Marsh looked over, at zero power, the ship would cool and the crew would suffocate in their carbon dioxide. But most pressing was the status of their orbit, it could be decaying and bring them done in hours… while the ship cooling might take a day before it became fatal…


Sienna felt the same ripple that Avik felt and just as unfortunately, she could not follow the thread. She could tell that Avik grew nervous about the unknown source of telepathy. The Counselor turned and walked beside Sllyro and continued in her conversational tone. “I do not see any communication device. Do your people have some sort of empathic or telepathic abilities? Extra sensory abilities are common in some species who have joined the Federation.”

Nox, CNS

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