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Now that they were going to be on the move, Cassidy refused more intently. At least in the open they had options, but they were going inside a building they knew nothing about and had little information about the customs of these people. There were plenty of places for things to go wrong, so she was prepared to act quickly if need be. But there was only one of her. She couldn’t be everywhere at once.

Abrams, COS

“Do you have any devices that can get a person into orbit?” Marsh looked over, at zero power, the ship would cool and the crew would suffocate in their carbon dioxide. But most pressing was the status of their orbit, it could be decaying and bring them done in hours… while the ship cooling might take a day before it became fatal…


Sienna felt the same ripple that Avik felt and just as unfortunately, she could not follow the thread. She could tell that Avik grew nervous about the unknown source of telepathy. The Counselor turned and walked beside Sllyro and continued in her conversational tone. “I do not see any communication device. Do your people have some sort of empathic or telepathic abilities? Extra sensory abilities are common in some species who have joined the Federation.”

Nox, CNS

Sllryo led the way down the paved path away from the monolithic tower. They first addressed Marsh’s question while the escorts formed an oval formation around Sllyro and the away team. “Our means of conveyance into space is upon a magnetically accelerated capsule. Our station in orbit will grapple the capsule with a magnetized tether and pull it into merging with itself. If any of us need to return from the station then they ride the capsule back down where it is then caught it a magnetized lattice of webbing.”

Orbital elevator, that was a neat trick, what it didn’t allow for was a to another ship transport. “And from there do you have any space craft. A shuttle, hell, I’ll take a space suit and a thruster pack.” He thought for a moment. “A seven gigawatt power source, some magnetic couplers, universal adapter… although that’s on the ship. A laser torch, powered lamp.” Marsh looked over.

“Its an ask, but if I can get to the ship - I certainly can reimburse any expense or material loss.”

Sllyro then turned to address Nox. “As the Great Cycle is our way of life, so to is it that which binds all of us together. We have no ‘factions’ because each of us understands every member of our race completely and irrefutably. Everyone works towards the good of the race. This makes it difficult to interact with those not of our kind, but when we discovered how to travel at speeds and distances before never that possible, we knew we had to prepare for the eventuality to meet other life. The timing of that was much sooner than expected however. Our preparations were not completed.”

GM Dread


Avik walked like a cat on glass. Each step was careful and deliberate to avoid the tension slicing her while her mind tried to absorb all that happened. A small part of her held back the pressure to discover the issues on the Europa, but stress did little to resolve climbing issues. She took note of each officer’s reaction to the predicament.

Marsh’s determination was clear he wanted to get onboard and directly fix the Europa. However, in her opinion that effort was fruitless if they couldn’t ensure their safety and not add to the trouble. At this point, they were helpless which irritated everyone. Including her. Meanwhile, Nox was using the time to establish the cultural differences and satisfy their curiously. An effective distraction for their worry.

Slowly, Avik began to pull behind until she was beside their CoS. In a quiet voice, she asked the question on her mind.

“What do you think about this?” It was a vague one, but left the answer open for Cassidy to share whatever answer she wanted.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

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