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Posted by Lieutenant Seddk Vock (Chief Medical Officer) in CNS Office - Doctor. Doctor. Annd Doctor.

Posted by Lieutenant Seddk Vock (Chief Medical Officer) in CNS Office - Doctor. Doctor. Annd Doctor.

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After meeting with the Commanding Officer, Vock went back to his quarters and looked to make sure everything had arrived. Satisfied, he looked up the appointments available for the ship’s Counselor. Seeing one in ninety minutes, he put in his name and under comments added ‘Onboarding Assessment’.

Two minutes prior to the appointment, Vock pressed the chime at the Counselor’s office.

Vock, CMO

For the hour prior, Sienna had spent her time reading Commander Vock’s file and contemplating how she would approach the Vulcan in his evaluation. He had shown great valor, but likely looked at it as the most logical steps needed for a goal. He seemed to have a good relationship with his family. It would be easy to make this assessment short and perfunctory but she didn’t like that idea. To her, the initial meeting of counselor to patient was the time to create trust and camaraderie as much as it was to assess the patient’s mental faculties.

At the sound of the chime, she stood and walked to the door. The doors opened to the counselor’s office. The woman herself was not very tall, dark haired and dark eyed. She bowed her head in a respectful nod and moved to wave the new engineer into her office. “Greetings Commander Vock. Welcome to the Europa. I trust your journey to us was uncomplicated and untroubled.” To the left sat her desk and to the right a comfortable sitting area. One wall had a glass hanging sculpture and beside it a few shelves with trinkets including a replica of the USS Korolev.

“Would you care for some refreshments?”

Nox, CNS

“It is Lieutenant, but perhaps someday.” the Vulcan replied coolly but not in the typical haughty Vulcan fashion. His tone was less judgmental and more simply indicating an error had been made. “And please. Vulcan tea, if it it not too much trouble Counselor. As to my transition to the Europa, I can say the journey was uneventful.” Seddk moved to the seating area and then looked at Nox. “Is there some place specific you wish me to sit, Counselor?” he asked before taking a seat.

Vock, CMO

Surprised at herself she let it show on her face before smiling apologetically. “Did I get your rank wrong? I apologize. Thank you for correcting me. You would be surprised how many people fear to correct a counselor.” Sienna turned automatically to the replicator on the wall between her desk and the sitting area to get them both Vulcan tea. It had been a while since she had partaken of the calming drink and found that she was in the mood for it.

She turned with the replicated tray with the tea service and shook her head. “No. I don’t analyze people much by where they choose to sit when first meeting me. I find that it rarely gives me more information than simply speaking to them will give me. Choose a seat and I shall sit near so that we may share the tea comfortably.”

Nox, CNS

Vock nodded slightly in acknowledgement and then sat at the far side of the area so the Counselor would be closer to her desk.

“I have always found dealings with Counselors to be quite intriguing. It is an interesting opportunity to experience the combination of logical response to emotional stimuli and interpersonal dialogue. So please do not feel that my being Vulcan should in any way hamper or change how you approach this evaluation, Lieutenant. It is my responsibility to answer you as truthfully and accurately as I can… not yours to tailor an evaluation based on my species. Although, I can see how that would be necessary in some cases. I would not approach a Naussican in the same I would approach a Deltan, for instance.”

Vock, CMO

“Well that is exactly the point.” She said as she took a seat and set down the tea service, beginning to put the elements together in the classic way taught to her by a Vulcan friend years ago. “Your species and how you were raised and educated is one of the many ways I tailor my approach to anyone. Granted, this is only our first meeting and I may have to change my approach after we have become acquainted, but I find that I do well enough with the information in a patient’s file to start with. I suppose there is always the argument over which is more vital to the way one approaches life, nature vs nurture vs environment and all that. Plus, being Betazoid, I do find that I get a feel sometimes even before I meet someone, on how I should approach a situation.”

“So, let us just say that each person is unique and that I am always capable of flexibility on how I approach them.” She smiled and handed Vock a cup of tea to doctor as he wished for his personal preferences and then began to set up her own cup.

Nox, CNS


Vock took the cup and inclined his head slightly in thanks. He sipped the hot liquid and then leaned back slightly, but kept his back straight. He was relaxed, more so than most Vulcans in the same situation, and he looked at the Counselor and said “Nature versus nurture versus environment.... intriguing. I would suggest that an individual’s perspective is shaped by all of those. The difficult part would be assigning which was most influential… a task made more complex by the fact that, I would surmise, the influence of each changes dependent upon the circumstances the individual is in. I do not envy you your choice of field, Counselor.” and he took another sip, giving her the very slightest hint of a smile.

Vock, CMO


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