Johann's Quarters- Unexpected Messages

Posted May 11, 2022, 9:52 p.m. by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) (Joe P)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) in Johann’s Quarters- Unexpected Messages

Posted by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) in Johann’s Quarters- Unexpected Messages

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) in Johann’s Quarters- Unexpected Messages


Eyes fixed on the screen, Vora gave a slight nod. “I understand,” she said softly. And she did, she really did, but it didn’t mean it didn’t hurt a little. She had no control over who she was genetically linked to and damn if it didn’t feel like Tenra was complicating and interfering in whatever happiness she had cultivated in her life. Sometimes she wished her and Johann had just gotten eloped but she also knew she was looking forward to marking this change in their life more significantly. they deserved a celebration. Would they get there though? Suddenly she wasn’t so certain.

He felt momentarily like hot garbage for having said what he was thinking. Nothing was really going to change about their relationship or whether or not he wanted to marry her, so why say it at all? Because there are enough Known Unknowns to indicate there are relevant Unknown Unknowns, he thought as the answer, rather rationally. That didn’t alleviate his guilt over thinking it.

Flipping the screen back to the profile, she rested her arm on the desk and leaned forward, gazing at the man who was most likely her father. An unknown entity she had wondered about for many, many years. Her mother’s journals had talked about him, but never named him. The journals… the journals!

Eyes wide, she sat back and frowned. “My mothers journals talked about him so loosely, like she was afraid to name him, but not because things were bad between them. It was the opposite. She thought her family wouldn’t understand. They probably wouldn’t have, or didn’t. I didn’t get the impression that she was struggling with narcotics, but then again the journals began when she was pregnant with me, like she had gotten clean and was starting over.”

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

“That actually does count for something,” he said aloud. Her mother actually would have known the man and her opinion of his character would be rather relevant.

“Is this clan feud thing actually about anything in particular? I have to admit I haven’t done nearly enough homework on what your planet’s people and history are actually like.” Many of these sorts of feuds seemed like petty things from his perspective as a modern Earthling, but he was familiar enough with his own planet’s history to know that there was usually more to the feuds that lasted for centuries than just a few people on either side of it merely being jerks each generation.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

“I mean, I know they exist, but to what degree and in what way, I’m not really sure.” Vora shifted her gaze to Johann. “It’s so strange to realize that you know very little about your own people. I mean, it never mattered before because I never intended to ever go back, but so much has changed, and it’s clear that my life in The D and my interactions with my uncle have coloured my impressions in ways I’m probably not even fully aware of.”

It made sense.

“What do you think we should know before we decide to call him? At least that way we can narrow it down and be prepared.” Lists, research. Those were things she could do right now, things that made sense.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

“It would be good to know if he has his own criminal history. He probably doesn’t, or at least not of the same class of crimes that his father did.” It was the first thing on his mind.

“If he’s from some big rich family that’s not at all like your mothers, how would he even have met her? Can we figure that out without actually asking him?” People didn’t usually meet each other and become emotionally attached enough to have children at random. They usually spent time together in some other context; school, employment, hobbies, religion (if they had that on Tenra)… deep space assignments…

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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