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The results of the scan indicated that the opening to the shuttlebay was covered by a field of hard light, the type typically used in hologram technology. That wasn’t the only property to it however. The readings also showed the the energy field was leeching power from the ship but not all of the energy was coming from the ship to make it this strong. It seemed to be a balanced draw that only took enough to disable major systems and keep the ship effectively isolated, but not strong enough to disable everything including life support.

GM Dread

=/\= Looks like it’s hard light,=/\= Johann reported as data flew across his console. =/\= Or something like it. It’s also leeching power, somehow, by itself. So maybe we weren’t sabotaged in port after all. Shutting the reactor down probably didn’t disturb it because it’s being supplied from another source. =/\=

=/\= Dvorak to Engineering, =/\= he said, this time activating the ersatz communication system they had left behind on their way up here. =/\= Restart Main Reactor. Also, have all crew report to Battle stations. =/\= They were going to need the ship fully powered if they could find a way out of this mess. Anyone who could project this type of holographic interference had a lot of power at their disposal, so much so that he wanted to have the ship ready immediately.

=/\=Aye Captain, bringing the main reactor online and notifying the crew to get to battlestations.=/\= Engineering replied.

He turned to look at Vora. =/\= I don’t think we should try flying through it yet. It could be just as dangerous as flying into a concrete wall on the Holodeck with the safety protocols off. Let’s see if you can punch us a hole to fly through with the shuttle’s phasers. =/\=

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Zorell nodded her agreement. “Activating phasers,” she said, targeting directly ahead of them. It was good to be focused on something like this right now as it kept her mind worried about whatever might be happening on the surface.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

The phasers struck the light field and caused it to shimmer a bit more but otherwise there was no change. The sensors showed that the spot struck by the phasers was reinforced by the energy around it after the slightest of delays.

GM Dread

=/\= Okay, we need to do the opposite of that, =/\= Johann said as he looked at the sensor output. =/\= It looks like this field can directly absorb energy from the phasers and get stronger. =/\= He kept pressing buttons, to do more scans. How strong was the field? Could they fly through it (he assumed they couldn’t but maybe they could)? These were all things he wanted to know.

If it was actual light, we could create a spot of interference, he thought. I would just need to know the right frequency to do that, but that’s probably not going to be that easy. Still, he would try to scan for that as well to see if it was an option.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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