Sickbay- Seeking Advice

Posted May 16, 2022, 4:34 p.m. by Lieutenant Seddk Vock (Chief Medical Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in Sickbay- Seeking Advice

Posted by Lieutenant Seddk Vock (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay- Seeking Advice

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cassidy Abrams (Chief of Security) in Sickbay- Seeking Advice
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It would have to go up the chain if it was what she thought it was, or rather the situation was going to require the input or other people. And given the nature of the Chief of Security’s concern, she found herself wandering into Sickbay.

“Heya, Cass! What brings you in today?” Ensign Carmichael said.

She grinned. “Not me, so you’re all good. But is our new Chief available?”

He jabbed a thumb in the direction of the CMO’s office. “Yeah, Doctor Vock is there. Don’t know if he’s free but you can try.”

“Thanks Chris,” she replied and headed for the office.

She gave a quick knock rather than chiming since she found in spaces like this it was less jarring if someone was deeply focused on something.

Abrams, COS

The door slid open silently. The office was simultaneously fastidious and organized while also not at all impersonal. Various small things sat in what even looked like very deliberate and particular spots throughout: a Btarian flute, an Old Earth field medical bag, a rather disturbingly vicious-looking horn of something, and a small crystal bowl with some kind of softly glowing rocks inside it. A single figure sat at the desk in the office. A Vulcan male, hair jet black and his appearance as if he stepped off the cover of Vulcan Male Weekly.

The office was located centrally to Sickbay, and the majority of the walls were windows so the Chief Medical Officer could see his charges and patients even while attending to the more mundane aspects of starship medicine… that being administration and report filing. Had he been anyone else, or simply not Vulcan, Vock would probably have welcomed the knock at the door. As it was, he had just found his rhythm is filing the far past due reports when the knock was heard. He paused in what he was doing to look up and say “Yes, Lieutenant Junior Grade. How may I be of assistance?”

Vock, CMO

Stepping in, Cass took a moment soak in the setting and it certainly made her curious. But whether the office’s occupant would be interesting in such conversation, she’d soon find out. Nonetheless it wasn’t why she was here. She presented a tidy figure, with her long blond hair pulled back into a bun and her blue eyes assessing.

She smiled at the precise rank and it told her a lot about how she might proceed. “Hello Doctor Vock, I’m Cassidy Abrams, the Chief of Security. I require an unofficial sounding board on an issue in my department that is of a medical nature and was hoping you’d have a few minutes to walk through a hypothetical situation with me.

Abrams, COS

Vock pressed an icon on the desk interface and the door slid closed. “Please be seated. As you are requesting an ‘unofficial’ opinion, am I to infer that were this an official inquiry, the results would prove somewhat problematic for individuals involved?” Vock asked and stood and went to the replicator. “And would you care for a drink, Lieutenant Junior Grade?”

Vovk, CMO

“You know, a cup of coffee would be great right now. With milk, thank you,” she said as she slipped into the chair, crossing her legs at the knee. “And yes, your comment is correct. For the moment I just want to suss out what a situation looks like and the consequences so I have all the information I require.”

“So, I guess my initial inquiry is how you deal with unreported injuries when you notice them at a later point here in Sickbay. What’s your procedure?”

Abrams, COS

Vock set the coffe down in front of her and a cup of a strong but pleasant smelling tea in front of his chair before taking a seat. “That would depend on the nature of the injury. If it was irrelevant to the individuals continued ability to perform in their role on board, I would simply remind them that any injury, no matter how minor, should be at least discussed with a member of the Medical staff. If the injury had been something more severe and the individual had taken pains to hide the injury for whatever reason and now it was impairing their ability to perform their duties, I would treat them to the best of my ability and then refer them to the Counselor before allowing them to return to full duty.” He took a sip of the tea and set it back down.

“The ‘how’ the knowledge of the previous injury occurred would be a factor in determining what the next steps would be as well. If the old injury were discovered when the person came in for a current injury, then we would try and investigate how and what happened and if it had any causal relationship to the current issue. If the injury were discovered by way of something akin to a regular physical, we would note it’s presence and make sure that the injury did not have any adverse lasting effect before sending the patient on with the aforementioned reminder.” He looked at the Security Chief with a blank expression. “Does that answer your question to your satisfaction?”

Vock, CMO

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