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GM Dread

“We haven’t detected a field beyond that which you have revealed from your weapon fire. The citizens of the planet have been helpful but we don’t seem to have the sensitivity necessary down here to see it.”


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Vora sat back. “Huh. How does this help us then? They can only see it if we do something, and they can’t find us the source!” Did she sound frustrated? Probably. But this was an entirely frustrating situation.

“It doesn’t,” Johann commented. “At least not this way.” Whatever it was couldn’t actually be invisible. It would leave some kind of trace somewhere. Then again, their own scans didn’t pick it up either. Maybe that was the wrong way to think of it.

“Wait, what does he mean ‘down here’?” he asked. They were looking at something right out the open bay door. “You know what, send him this…”

“Clarify; where are you? Who is in tug boat? Report Away Team member status and position.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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