Captain's Quarters - Shall we play a game?

Posted June 5, 2022, 3:51 p.m. by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) (Joe P)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Captain’s Quarters - Shall we play a game?

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Captain’s Quarters - Shall we play a game?

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Avik (XO) in Captain’s Quarters - Shall we play a game?


“Good point,” he said. He wandered over to the replicator and shortly thereafter another 52-card French-suited deck from Earth materialized.

“We could even do more of them with a shoe, except I’ve never loaded one of those.” He had been in a few casinos before, both on Earth and in star systems very far from it, but he was not a card sharp by any means. Or card shark. Whatever the phrase was.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

“The more cards we use, the harder it will be to cut and shuffle the deck. Unless you have larger hands to hold them. If memory serves me, most of our crew have fairly similar dimensions for their hand size.” Avik commented, taking the seat across from the CO.

“That is a standard ergonomic assumption on this ship,” Johann said plainly. He had never thought of it before, and as he did so he couldn’t help but smirk slightly. It struck him as a funny thing to think about.

“The best way to determine if the cards are too many is to test it. Holodeck would’ve been a better option to determine what hand sizes might struggle. Are we aiming to have one person always shuffling the cards or passing it around?” Enjoyment peeked out from underneath her inquiring tone.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“Oh, I assumed that passing the role of the dealer was a standard practice in most games,” he said. “Unless you’d prefer one of us do it exclusively. I’m pretty sure I could shuffle two decks at once.”

“It depends on the game and location. Twenty-first century casinos had one person as a dealer to avoid cheating. Of course, it was during that time your race gambled with monetary units for biological stimulation.” Avik commented, recounting her history lessons.

As if to test that hypothesis, he stacked the two decks next to each other and proceeded to riffle shuffle them almost perfectly, complete with forming a bridge to put the cards back into place. He had clearly done this before, and didn’t seem that deterred by 104 cards instead of the standard 52.

“It’s ten times, right? With two decks. I’m pretty sure it’s seven with just one.” He was referring to the number of riffles required to ensure that the cards were sufficiently randomized.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Avik considered the CO’s question. “Fourteen cards are a lot to hold in one hand, some thing we need to be mindful of. Let’s try it with the fourteen, next round we try the seven. Then we contrast the difference.” It was the best way to obtain data in her mind.

–XO, Avik, Lt. Cmdr

“Oh I meant the number of times doing this thing,” he said, riffling the cards a second time. He kept doing it as he continued to talk.

“It’s a good point though. I don’t actually remember what game it is we’re playing so I dunno how many cards we should be dealt. It was that one you were telling me about, right? That I think I might have played some version of before?” His memory on this was unusually fuzzy, as if they hadn’t originally talked about this last week, but instead two years ago…

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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