Captain's Office- New Beginnings

Posted June 18, 2022, 4:38 p.m. by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) (Joe P)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote (Chief Engineer) in Captain’s Office- New Beginnings
Mathys stared out into the dots of stars gracing the viewport. Half-drunk water glass in his hand before he glimpsed the Europa’s arrival. His excitement quickened in his heart at the sight as she floated into the docks.

“Hello, Gorgeous,” He whispered, a boyish smirk crossing his lips.

He set the glass back in the replicator as he made his way to exit. This had been his temporary quarters for nearly a month now and he was eager to listen to the roar of a warp drive again. Adjusting his shirt collar, he walked toward the door and paused. His eyes caught his duffle bag waiting for him. Everything else, save for a few personal items, had been delivered to Black Rock’s dock for loading. He bent down to toss the strap across his shoulder.

In a brisk step, Mathys navigated his way onto the Europa and straight to his office. He had memorized the ship’s layout during his free time so to keep the old girl running smoothly. He tossed his things onto the bed before he scanned through messages on his PADD.

His meeting wasn’t happening for half an hour, but he was taught that tardiness was unacceptable. Early was better than late. Giving a soft sigh, he departed for the CO’s office.

The new CE arrived a few minutes early as he pressed the button, alerting the Captain of his presence.

CE, Mathys Ducote

The doors parted, and through them walked a particularly distraught ensign in science’s blue. The nameless ensign made no eye contact with anyone, and headed directly for the turbolift.

“Are you Mister Ducote?” The somewhat stern sounding voice came from inside the office, and it belonged to the Captain. He was an entirely bald human male, aside from a goatee that was mostly dirty blond with a few stray gray hairs. Most notable were his eyes; he didn’t have any, but instead occular implants.

“You’re early. Have a seat.”

After the door shut behind Mathys, the Captain’s voice softened quite a bit. “You don’t mind if I take a minute here, do you? I try to create some space in my calendar when I know I have to… deal with certain unpleasantness.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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