Alt. Universe: Starfleet Command - Operation Bedlam

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Posted by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) in Alt. Universe: Starfleet Command - Operation Bedlam

Posted by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) in Alt. Universe: Starfleet Command - Operation Bedlam

Posted by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) in Alt. Universe: Starfleet Command - Operation Bedlam
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Johann tried to stop himself from smirking a little as he spoke, but couldn’t quite manage to do that. He could tell she was interested, and the absurdity of everything that had led to this moment was something he couldn’t help but be amused by.

“I was, uh, actually going to ask you that question. Since, um, well… correct me if I’m wrong, but, I get the sense that you’re probably a little less comfortable with the whole… uhhh… well, let’s call it, the concept… of… you know. Given that it’s the unknown to you. I just want to help in any way that I can.”

She could stop this flirtation. She could.

Sienna tried to tell herself that, but contemplating thus very thing for years was enough to make her unable to leave well enough alone. This Sierra didn’t have years of psychology nagging her mind and reminding her how complicated things could truly get. She did have mental fortitude though so she was alright until…

His voice dropped to a whisper, and his implants locked onto her pupils.

“I know things.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO Korolev

This slightly impulsive Sienna locked eyes with him as the words assaulted her senses in all the best ways. This wasn’t a good idea but she didn’t much care at the moment. She lifted her shoulder from the wall and stepped toward him. “Do you now?”

Things you haven’t learned yet, he thought at her.

She stepped closer, her face inches from his, eyes drifting to his lips. She grinned as her eyes met his once more. “What kind of person would I be if I rejected an offer of help?”


“Responsible,” he said simply, his implants darting from her eyes, to her lips, back to her eyes. Then to her uniform collar. “Self-sufficient. Strong. Good captain material. Just add stiff-upper-lip and good posture.”

Flattery will get you everywhere she thought to him with a half grin.

He used that as an opportunity to place his arms on her shoulders, and slide them downwards, as if to emphasize standing upright. As he did so he pulled her even closer to him, so that it wasn’t just her face that was mere inches away.

“We don’t need to,” he said, looking at her lips. “Be all of those things, all of the time.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO Korolev

It was easy to agree. She wanted to forget the frustration of the last few years and just go with this thing between them. They were in a semi private and dark hallway. His hands were warm on her skin and cause tingles to ride up to the nape of her neck. The heat from the closeness of his body followed closely thereafter.

She sighed and lifted her hands to his shirt. “No. We don’t.” Then her fingers closed on the fabric and held on as her lips met his. She sank into him, accepting what he offered and answering the question that had been on her mind for years, what would it feel like to kiss Johann Dvorak? One word, heaven.


While enjoying the physical act of kissing Sienna in front of him, Johann couldn’t help but feel extraordinarily lucky. There were many experiences in life that one couldn’t repeat, but just now he managed to repeat kissing this woman for the first time. It was comforting due to being familiar, but also had the passion of a fresh romance with a new lover. He gladly lost himself in it for what felt like days, but was probably just a minute at most.

When the appropriate moment came, he pulled back slightly, his mechanical gaze fixed on her black pupils.

“I’d love to continue that,” he said very quietly. “But we should probably get this ship going to where it needs to go first.” It was kind of a small miracle that nobody had walked in on them. Then again, maybe someone did and he just didn’t notice.

– Johann Dvorak, CO Korolev

She slowly opened her eyes to look up at him and sighed. “I suppose you are right.” She wanted nothing more than to see where this would go, scared of shattering the magic of the moment, but he reminded her of their mission. Their mission to find someone who could help them get his wife back if she was alive and return her to her own universe. Reality slammed her hard and her brow furrowed as she pulled away. “Yes. We should get started.”

Sorry, he thought, pouting apologetically. Though there would be plenty of time during the trip to pick up where they left off.

Sienna turned and pointed to one of the small personal quarters. “That is yours. Might as well put your things up and then Ill meet you up in the cockpit.”


“Yes, Captain, ma’am,” he said faux-officially. He still out ranked her even if she was a Captain, but this was her mission. Even if it was his idea.

He unslung his bag on top of the bed in the small room. After opening the bag, he took out a small tricorder, which he then opened; it lit up accordingly. After pressing a few buttons, he put it back in the bottom of the bag, underneath the inconspicuous civilian clothing he had brought along. Then he closed the bag, and left the room to go back to the cockpit.

She went to the next room over and placed her things quickly where they needed to be. She could feel him in proximity to her, but then, she would feel that no matter how far away his quarters were to hers on this small vessel. Siennadye Nox had almost always known where Johann was when she had been in her universe. She took a moment to sit and touch her lips in a fog of awe. She had kissed and been kissed back by Johann Dvorak. It had been nearly electric and her brain was fuzzy after. She was acting like an infatuated teen.

Sienna shook her head to clear it and slapped the tops of her thighs to snap herself out of it. She had a mission and she needed to focus.

“We clear to take off yet?” he asked nobody in particular. His ocular implants naturally wandered toward Nox’s face.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

“Yes sir. We are prepping our route now.” The woman in the pilot’s seat replied. “Should be lifting off in 2 minutes. Have yourself a seat. I am Lt. Rizzo Roz, the Engineer and main pilot. Just call me Roz. That burly red headed man is Lt. Zain Elwood. He is our security officer and secondary pilot. And the blond lady is Lt. Commander Thea Baxter, our expert in Alternate dimensions and applied sciences.” Elwood nodded respectfully and Baxter waved with a small smile. Each knew of the man and the basics of his wife’s story.

Sienna stepped in a minute later and took a seat. “Alright. Let’s get this party started.”

Roz nodded. “Yes Ma’am.” Within a minute, they were lifting off from the docks and on their way.

“I take it you have introduced yourselves?”


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