OOC: Welcome aboard Gavin!

Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 3:38 p.m. by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) (Amber DeSadier)

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Posted by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) in OOC: Welcome aboard Gavin!
Hello Everyone,

Gavin Burkhardt is joining Europa today, as our Executive Officer. Gavin comes to us highly recommended after his extensive experience as the Chief of Security on the Challenger. His character will be Stephen Stous, a human male from Earth.

Welcome aboard Gavin!


“a human male from Earth”
Oh boy, I sure do sound exciting, lol. I promise Stephen has a bit more to offer than meets the eye.

Thank you Joe for the intro, and thank you all for having me! I’m looking forward to getting to know everybody and hopefully not being too much of a nuisance.


I’m late, but HI! Welcome onboard. ^-^
-Janice B.

OOO Welcome!!


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