Holodeck 1- Cooking up a Conversation

Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 3:48 p.m. by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) (Amber DeSadier)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote (Chief Engineer) in Holodeck 1- Cooking up a Conversation

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote (Chief Engineer) in Holodeck 1- Cooking up a Conversation

Posted by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) in Holodeck 1- Cooking up a Conversation
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To Counselor Nox.

Permission to move the location of my counselor appointment to Holodeck 1. I find casual tasks for counselor sessions to be easier and far more enjoyable. Please send any allergy information to the holodeck, don’t want to put anyone at risk.

Sincerely, CE Ducote.

The message was a mix of casual and polite as Mathys pressed the send button on his PADD. He turned his attention to the holodeck keypad and typed in one of his favorite programs. In moments, a kitchen began to materialize from thin air.

Mathys walked by the iron hook and took off an apron, putting his device on the counter. He slipped his head through the apron’s collar and wrapped the loose strings about his waist. With a tight jerk, it was securely fastened in place. Instinctively, he glanced about to memorize the kitchen’s layout.

On the far wall was a walk-in refrigerator with hanging meats, cold items, and more. Next to that were baskets on a shelf unit with vegetables and cheeses. Small herbs sat on the marble counters that surrounded the griddle stove and cabinets with canned goods. Satisfied with the display, Mathys pulled up a chair and sat at the counter. He pulled his PADD closer. His fingers flicked through the collection of recipes his father passed down.

CE, Mathys Ducote

Sienna was the type of counselor that liked to meet people wherever they were at. Sometimes it was over a drink. Sometimes it was around the Arboretum. Sometimes in their office or hers. Whatever the place, she was prepared to get what she needed out of the meeting. The message intrigued her and she smiled as she set down her PaDD and headed to Holodeck 1.

Upon entering, her smile widened. “Either you have been checking up on me, or you and I have something very much in common Lt Commander Ducote.” She stepped forward and offered her hand for a shake. “Siennadye Nox, your counselor.”

Nox, CNS

“I was brought up that cooking was the best was to socialize and get to know someone.” Mathys chuckled as he slid the book to the side. Casually he straightened up and walked around the counter, his arm stretched out to shake her hand. It was firm, but gentle before he released his grip.

“Chief Engineer, Mathys Ducote. It’s nice to meet someone easy on the eyes.” He let the comment wash over Nox as he gestured her back over to the counter.

Sienna laughed softly as she followed him towards the counter. A flirt… he might give Steven Marsh a run for his money. She could imagine they would either get along famously or struggle between each other’s similarities of genial nature. For now she reserved judgement and let herself experience this person as they presented themselves.

“Okay, so we have a huge selection of dishes. I figure we can make one main dish, appetizer, and dessert. During the preparation and cooking, we can have a nice chat. So, where would you like to begin?” Mathys asked, standing at the book’s side and waiting for her to browse it.

-CE, Mathys Ducote

She slid in next to him to start perusing the book’s contents. She flipped through for several minutes and then looked up at Mathys. “Do you have a favorite dish or even genre of culture?”

Nox, CNS

“Grew up in crawdad capital, Breaux Bridge. Parents were fond of Cajun dishes, especially in our restaurant. So anything with shellfish and seasonings lines up with me just fine. Though ya got to make sure to include the Holy Trinity if we make étouffée, gumbo, or jambalaya. It’s no good without it.”

Mathys said with a smirk letting that information sink in.

She didn’t know what a Holy Trinity was but she had heard of those dishes names before. Her eyes grazed over the recipes, flipping through page after page. Growing up in a family that owned a restaurant meant he was likely no stranger to hard work and getting his hands dirty.

“Once I entered Starfleet, I tried other foods from other cultures. I’m afraid to say, I prefer Earth dishes to food like Klingon gawk. The squirming is hard to chew through.”

He shuddered at the memory of the texture. A finger reached out and tapped a recipe for a crawfish broil.

“This one was a family favorite and pretty simple to make.”

-CE, Mathys Ducote

She looked more in depth at the recipe for a crawfish broil and then nodded. It seemed easy enough and looked delicious. “Alright. I like spice, but I hear Cajun food can be quite hot. How spicy do you want to make it?”

Nox, CNS

“How hot can you handle?” Mathys replied in a thick accent, accepting her question as a challenge.

She thought about it and smiled. “Middle to hot. Perhaps don’t completely burn my face off.”

“Can you get the dutch oven from the cabinet? It’s pre-seasoned so it adds more favor.”

She nodded and turned, looking through a few cabinets until she found the dutch oven. She pulled it out and placed it on the counter near the oven.

The man then reached into the fridge and pulled out a large package of yellow, red, and orange peppers. They were small and plump.

“Heat isn’t everything in cooking. If I didn’t want you to enjoy the flavor, I would just offer you a reaper pepper on a plate and call it a day. Cajun cooking has to have heat and flavor or it’s not enjoyable.”

He offered her a small pepper from the pack. “Let’s start with what people called a Cajun Belle pepper. Mild kick, but a sweet tang to go with it. It’s pretty good raw.”

-CE, Mathys Ducote

“I would say that is true for all cooking. The combination of flavors should be better than the ingredients by themselves.” She plucked the pepper from his offered hand and took a bite. His estimation of the flavor and heat were accurate to her own read of flavor. That meant good things for their partnership in making the meal. She nodded.

“I like that. The sweet is unexpected in a pepper. Should we cut these up then? Diced or sliced?”

Nox, CNS

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