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Posted Aug. 16, 2022, 2:16 p.m. by Ensign Dr. P'Mala Dawes (Doctor) (Shaun Tee)

Posted by Ensign Dr. P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in CMO’s Office - Dawes Reporting (tag CMO)
After meeting with the Counselor, P’Mala had a few minutes before her meeting with the CMO, Seddk Vock. She was excited to meet him–it would be nice to be around another Vulcan more often.

She stood in the corridor near Sickbay and thought back to the previous week she spent on Vulcan in her two-week leave between her academy ship posting and her arrival on the Europa. Her mother and father were preoccupied with planning interviews for an article on the Qowat Milat and she’d spent hours walking the L-langon Mountains by herself.

She sighed. There was always the holosuite and whatever new places Starfleet took them.

Enough navel gazing, she thought to herself and entered Sickbay. The quiet medical sounds soothed her–always gave her a sense of order in the disorder of space. She walked to the CMO’s Office and pressed the bell to alert him of her presence.

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes, Medical


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