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Posted Aug. 16, 2022, 2:21 p.m. by Ensign Dr. P'Mala Dawes (Doctor) (Shaun Tee)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Stephen Stous (XO) in Sickbay - Onboarding (Tag Medical)

Posted by Ensign Dr. P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in Sickbay - Onboarding (Tag Medical)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Stephen Stous (XO) in Sickbay - Onboarding (Tag Medical)
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Stephen’s shuttle trip from the Venture was long and uneventful. His arrival at the Europa’s Shuttle Bay was significantly shorter, but similarly uneventful. He did get a few strange looks when walking through the halls, especially from the Ensign he had stopped to ask for directions to Sickbay. She had glanced at his collar pips with a small frown, no doubt wondering who he was. By chance the woman had also been an engineer (he could tell by both the uniform color and the stains obscuring said color), and he had the thought of strange, she reports to me now, followed by the clarification, wait… no she doesn’t… and completed by the dazed thought of, her boss reports to me.

That string of thoughts being the most interesting occurrence on his journey from the shuttle bay, Stephen arrived in the ship’s primary Sickbay with a neutral, unsure-what-to-expect expression. Finding the nearest Medical personnel, he said, “Excuse me, Lieutenant Commander Stous, here for my boarding evaluation?”

~ Lt. Cmdr. Stous - XO

Bumping this so the CMO or lovely new Doctor can jump in when possible!

NE Nurse Deacon–a wiry man in his early 20s–jumped into a salute. “Yessir–right this way, sir,” he said, surreptitiously glancing at the XO’s pips. He gulped, and led Lt. Cmdr. Stous to an exam area. “Ensign Dawes can see you now, I believe.”

NE Deacon pointed the XO toward a room where the 6-foot tall half-Vulcan doctor, P’Mala Dawes, was restocking wrapped sterile medical supplies into a discrete cabinet.

“Dr. Dawes, a VIP–very important patient!” Deacon said, then ran off.

P’Mala Dawes wore a white doctor’s coat that contrasted starkly with her new navy hair–just growing in black at the root.

“Good afternoon,” she said, her back still turned. “I’m almost finished here.” She stuffed a box of sealed cotton swabs and a handful of wrapped tongue depressers into a drawer.

She turned and extended her hand. “Dr. P’Mala Dawes, Ensign,” she said expectantly.

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes, MD

After some amusement at the NE’s behavior, Stephen wondered at the doctor’s demeanor - handshakes had not been a regular greeting at any of his previous doctor visits, especially the one a year prior which had found his hand coated in blood. Nonetheless, he extended his hand in return, noting as he did so the striking impression made by P’Mala’s height, overcoat, and hairstyle.

“Lieutenant Commander Stephen Stous, pleased to meet you,” he replied. “I just arrived and assumed it best to get my medical clearance handled first thing.”

~ Lt. Cmdr. Stous - XO

Ensign P’Mala Dawes shook the man’s hand and nodded

“Absolutely, I’vejust finished getting some supplies placed. Would you mind sitting on the biobed while I wash my hands?”

Without waiting for an answer, Dawes turned to the sink and gave her hands a good scrubbing, dawning a pair of blue gloves and pulling out her PADD.

“Now, Commander, are you allergic to anything?” she asked.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes, Medical

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