Johann's Quarters- Unexpected Messages

Posted Sept. 5, 2022, 9:09 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) in Johann’s Quarters- Unexpected Messages

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) in Johann’s Quarters- Unexpected Messages


Vora blew out a breath. “Yeah, I think I will. I’ll also talk to Jerrin about it. It’ll be up to him if he wants to go down and I want him to have the option. And I guess first thing to do is call… my father. Assuming he is.” She drew in a deep breath. “Yeah, I’m going to need the day off. I’ll let Marsh know and have take over my shift in astrometrics. We don’t have anything pressing going on right now though so it shouldn’t be an issue.”

He nodded in acknowledgement. She could handle all of that just fine. He didn’t have the luxury of taking entire days off most of the time, but he also didn’t really need to for this.

She gave him a smile before breaking into a chuckle. “Well, this is going to be an interesting day. I should go get dressed and go sort this out.” Vora leaned over kissed him on the cheek. “I really am looking forward to getting married, Johann. Let’s not put it off too long, okay?” She understood the need to pause and sort this out first but she was making plans and she wanted to not have to stop them suddenly. “And to that effect, Cass was wanting to know if we had a firm date, or at least a.. ballpark, as she called it? Something about wanting to finally take some of her own R&R that she and Steven have accumulated.”

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

“Yeah, we should probably come up with a ballpark, right? That’s a pretty reasonable expectation for people who have been engaged this long.” It was a self-deprecating comment; he let the timing stay undefined longer than he wanted to, and he felt a little embarrassed by it.

“If next month is the Tenra Field Trip and/or Disaster… we could either do it right after or have a bit of a breather in between. I mean, it really depends too on how much notice we need to give whoever is going to attend. Which I assume includes Deacon, who has to travel halfway across the galaxy.” He didn’t have anyone who was going to travel to see it; his parents were as-content-as-they-could-be that the vast interstellar distances involved made their direct participation in the event impractical.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

For a moment Vora just considered him, her maroon eyes tracing his features. “Six weeks. Enough time for Tenra and whatever happens, however it goes, we get married then. Should be enough time for Deacon to arrange things on his end too. Sound good?”

~Vora Zorell, Sciences


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