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After meeting with the Counselor, P’Mala had a few minutes before her meeting with the CMO, Seddk Vock. She was excited to meet him–it would be nice to be around another Vulcan more often.

She stood in the corridor near Sickbay and thought back to the previous week she spent on Vulcan in her two-week leave between her academy ship posting and her arrival on the Europa. Her mother and father were preoccupied with planning interviews for an article on the Qowat Milat and she’d spent hours walking the L-langon Mountains by herself.

She sighed. There was always the holosuite and whatever new places Starfleet took them.

Enough navel gazing, she thought to herself and entered Sickbay. The quiet medical sounds soothed her–always gave her a sense of order in the disorder of space. She walked to the CMO’s Office and pressed the bell to alert him of her presence.

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes, Medical


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The door slid open silently and a voice said “Come in.” The office past the door was well-organized, although some crates were stacked neatly in one corner. There was a lack of personality to the room; obvious to a keen observer was that it hadn’t been occupied by the current resident very long.

The figure behind the desk rose to stand. He was Vulcan, although a bit taller than normal. He had the characteristic black hair, pointed ears, and prominent eyebrows of the species. He put his hands behind his back and said “Ensign Dawes. I am Lieutenant Vock, Chief Medical Officer. Welcome aboard. Please be seated. Would you care for something to drink?” His tone was somewhat flat and expressionless, but his voice was a rich baritone which lead to a sense of sincerity to the welcome.

Vock, CMO

OOC: I am sorry to hear that! No worries–just hope you’re feeling much better.

P’Mala was a little surprised at how much taller the CMO was–almost an entire 6 inches in height. His features were deeper than P’mala’s, and his skin was not the exact shade of olive hers was. But it was nice to be working with someone who had a similar background.

“Ensign P’Mala Dawes, sir,” she said, maintaining a respectful yet neutral tone. “I would like a glass of water, please. Ice cold,” she said, waiting to see if Vock were to offer her a seat first.

Vick gestured to a seat and moved to the replicator. After retrieving the water, he set it on the near side of the desk to her and then sat down.

She didn’t know how much the doctor knew about her background or if he was familiar with her parents’ work, and so like in Vulcan, she did her best to match in tone and intent. A slight nervousness set in.

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes, Medical

“I am pleased to have you on the staff, Ensign.” Vock began. “Your record is impressive, and your background quite solid. Tell me.. did you request this posting? Or were you assigned?”

Vock, CMO

P’Mala thought about the question and gave her earnest response. “I requested it, Doctor. During my time aboard the Academy ship, I performed in-depth research and found that the Eurpoa and its focus on scientific studies in this region of space would be the next logical step in my career. If I may be frank, exobiology and its intersection with Sociology and physionomy are in mybresearch interests, and when thinking about who I wanted to study under, your name ranked very high on my list of potential superior officers. I find myself lucky to have been chosen by the Captain.”

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes, Medical

An arched eyebrow was all of the reaction that came from the statement. “I am flattered, Ensign. However, you do of course realize that I myself am fairly new the ship, do you not? And as that is the case, we will have some work to do before we begin any extracurricular research and experimentation. Is that acceptable to you?” Vock asked.

Vock, CMO

“New or not, your reputation and the Europa’s reputation are very positive,” P’Mala said. neutrally. “Excuse me if I’m getting ahead of myself. Until I joined Starfleet, I was an emergency room doctor. I’m happy to do more than my share of work here, as well.”

She paused. “Speaking of work, is this a good seque into beginning my Onboarding physical examination, or was there anything else you’d like to cover, Doctor?”

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes

Vock stood and gestured to the door. “Please. We will conduct the exam and then, if there are any questions, we may address them then.” He moved out into Sickbay and indicated a vacant biobed. “Please be seated.” he said and began activating the systems.


P’Mala followed Dr. Vock into the Sickbay and sat on the indicated biobed as the Vulcan doctor began setting up the machine. It was always so interesting to be on the other side of the doctor/patient relationship. P’Mala had known several doctors to be terrible patients, but she’d never felt the same sort of indignity that the others might have. She wanted to be helpful.

–Ensign P’Mala Dawes, Medical

Vock lifted a PaDD form the holder on the side of the bed and began tapping. “Now then, Ensign… standard inquiries. Has there been any change in your physical health since your last physical? Illness, injury, or issue that you wish to discuss?”

Vock, CMO



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