Lounge- Being Social?

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“Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in a society where everyone said exactly what was on their minds. I can imagine it, but the reality of it would be rather different, I should think,” Abrams said.

~Abrams, COS

Steven made a face, “I don’t think I want to live in a universe without polite dishonesties, human society lives on white lies. ‘Do I look fat in this?’ ‘Is she prettier than me?’ ‘Does size matter?’ If the white lies break down society breaks down. It would be anarchy. Dogs and Cats living together.”


“Mass hysteria?” Sienna grinned. “Well, I can say that living in a society where you have to work to keep your artifices secret and honestly is a constant in life, I sort of prefer a nice middle ground. Communication coupled with understanding and honesty with oneself would be good for humanity. And Betazoid people could benefit from not blaring their every thought either telepathically or verbally.”

“That’s what you SAY you want.” Marsh said with more wisdom than his years would suggest.

“I dont think I want to know the answer to most of those questions these days. Far too complicated a history behind them. So please do, lie to me.”

Nox, CNS

Marsh nodded knowingly, “That the ship counselor talking.” He gestured at her with a thumb.

Sienna laughed and nodded, acquiescing that he was probably right. Even when she tried to keep herself detached from the counselor she had become, she still had moments where it popped out. It was a part of her and she didn’t mind it.

“Pure honesty works only if everyone agrees to the rules. Zaldans, for example, say exactly what is on their minds and no one takes offence at it, because it’s accepted as a personal truth.” Cass shrugged. “It’s certainly not for everyone one, but I can see how it could work under very specific circumstances.”

Cass gave Steven a sideways glance. “Don’t worry I’ll never ask you weight related questions,” she said with a smirk.

Abrams, COS

“Ask away, you look great in that outfit.” He nodded violently for emphasis. “You look way better than your sister and your best friend.”


“Good answer.”

Nox, CNS

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