Alt. Universe: Runabout In Space - Operation Bedlam

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Posted by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) in Alt. Universe: Runabout In Space - Operation Bedlam

Posted by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) in Alt. Universe: Runabout In Space - Operation Bedlam

Posted by Captain Johann Dvorak (CO) in Alt. Universe: Runabout In Space - Operation Bedlam
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“I’d love to continue that,” he said very quietly. “But we should probably get this ship going to where it needs to go first.” It was kind of a small miracle that nobody had walked in on them. Then again, maybe someone did and he just didn’t notice.

– Johann Dvorak, CO Korolev

She slowly opened her eyes to look up at him and sighed. “I suppose you are right.” She wanted nothing more than to see where this would go, scared of shattering the magic of the moment, but he reminded her of their mission. Their mission to find someone who could help them get his wife back if she was alive and return her to her own universe. Reality slammed her hard and her brow furrowed as she pulled away. “Yes. We should get started.”

Sorry, he thought, pouting apologetically. Though there would be plenty of time during the trip to pick up where they left off.

Sienna turned and pointed to one of the small personal quarters. “That is yours. Might as well put your things up and then Ill meet you up in the cockpit.”


“Yes, Captain, ma’am,” he said faux-officially. He still out ranked her even if she was a Captain, but this was her mission. Even if it was his idea.

He unslung his bag on top of the bed in the small room. After opening the bag, he took out a small tricorder, which he then opened; it lit up accordingly. After pressing a few buttons, he put it back in the bottom of the bag, underneath the inconspicuous civilian clothing he had brought along. Then he closed the bag, and left the room to go back to the cockpit.

She went to the next room over and placed her things quickly where they needed to be. She could feel him in proximity to her, but then, she would feel that no matter how far away his quarters were to hers on this small vessel. Siennadye Nox had almost always known where Johann was when she had been in her universe. She took a moment to sit and touch her lips in a fog of awe. She had kissed and been kissed back by Johann Dvorak. It had been nearly electric and her brain was fuzzy after. She was acting like an infatuated teen.

Sienna shook her head to clear it and slapped the tops of her thighs to snap herself out of it. She had a mission and she needed to focus.

OOC: Slight retcon… since I made the mistake of assuming Siennadye was already here.

IC: “We clear to take off yet?” he asked nobody in particular.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

“Yes sir. We are prepping our route now.” The woman in the pilot’s seat replied. “Should be lifting off in 2 minutes. Have yourself a seat. I am Lt. Rizzo Roz, the Engineer and main pilot. Just call me Roz. That burly red headed man is Lt. Zain Elwood. He is our security officer and secondary pilot. And the blond lady is Lt. Commander Thea Baxter, our expert in Alternate dimensions and applied sciences.” Elwood nodded respectfully and Baxter waved with a small smile. Each knew of the man and the basics of his wife’s story.

Captain Dvorak returned the nod of Lt. Elwood, gave a polite smile to Lt. Cmdr. Baxter, and sat down in one of the seats indicated by Lt. Roz.

“It’s nice to meet all of you,” Johann said politely. “Given that this mission was thrown together an hour ago, I have absolutely no familiarity with anything you people have done before, but Captain Nox told me you’ve all worked together previously in this sort of business. Specifically, that you’re all known for your expertise and discretion. So I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together, namely the capture of a certain interstellar criminal with inter-dimensional ambitions.”

Sienna stepped in a minute later and took a seat. “Alright. Let’s get this party started.”

Johann was suddenly amused, wondering if that was something she usually said when getting underway. It was still odd to think of this woman, who was not his wife but very like her, being a take-charge type of officer. It wasn’t that his wife couldn’t do such a thing, it’s just that her role in his universe was different. It’s kinda hot, he thought, not deliberately at her.

Roz nodded. “Yes Ma’am.” Within a minute, they were lifting off from the docks and on their way.

“I take it you have introduced yourselves?”


“Yes,” he said, turning in his chair to look at her. “I gave one of those standard ‘it’s nice to be working with you all’ type speeches too. I figured that’s the most I should do right now… you know, because I think technically you’re the one in charge? I mean it’s your crew anyway.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

She grinned as did the other crew. “That I am, Johann. That I am.” She turned her seat to look at her console. “We have about two days before we reach the area of space we are traveling to. I figure during that time, we will make sure we have everything we need and get to know one another a bit. Obviously, I have worked with these three before, but none of us have actually worked with you. Mind if we ask you some questions Johann?”

Everyone seemed relaxed and mildly interested in the conversation.

Nox, CNS

“Sure,” he said simply. It was a very casual way to start an operation, but it made perfect sense considering that he was the odd man out on this one.

“Ask away.”

– Johann Dvorak, CO

She nodded and finished approving the course set. Their pilot began navigating them through stellar traffic and she turned from the console to look at Johann. “Favorite color, preference for food, motivation for being here?” Sienna seemed serious and completely unphased by the random line of questions. She figured Johann could roll with them well enough. While she was pretty sure she knew the answer to all three, it would be good for the others to know him too.

Nox, CNS

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