Officer's Mess - A Welcome Dinner (all welcome)

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About a week after the arrival of the Europa‘s new XO, anyone passing by the general crew quarters would see a paper notice proclaiming that a hand-made dinner would be hosted in the Officer’s Mess at 1800 ship’s time, with anyone welcome up to a capacity of 20 - first come, first served.

Sure enough, at 1730 Stephen Stous was hurrying around busily, an apron on his waist, a spoon in his hand, and standard kitchen equipment before him. He’d been practicing cooking ever since he’d heard about his transfer to the Europa, in an effort to make more connections there than on the Venture.

This particular recipe he had practiced on himself twice since his arrival on the ship. His first attempt could only be described as a dumpster fire, while his second had gone relatively smoothly beyond his overuse of salt. As the time approached, Stephen’s nerves grew as his eyes darted from the cutting board in front of him to the door behind him.

~ Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Stous - XO

Always curious and interested to try new things, a tall pale yellow skinned woman stepped into the Mess at 1745 hours. She was significantly taller than the XO, and her mass of cherry coloured hair contrasted sharply with her pale skin. Out of uniform, she wore dark blue slacks and a light purple sleeveless sweater with a high neck. “Please tell me we’re not having mashed potatoes. I’ve bene trying for years but my tastebuds haven’t yet agreed to like them,” she said, her maroon eyes lit up with amusement.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

“As a matter of fact we’re not, though something here is mashed.” Stephen half-turned to see who the newcomer was. “Glad you could make it, miss…?”

“Zorell. Vora Zorell. I work in the science department,” she said with a smile.

Hand cooked food? Well that was an exercise on a starship. Marsh thought, optimistically one might consider the ship his or her home, but cooking was pretty much just an artificial exercise. Odds were whatever was cooked was first replicated to be cooked so a person was just force adding another step to make it hand-cooked as opposed to replicated completely done.

That being said. Marsh himself was a master of the unnecessary. He bought real wine when replicated alcohol and synthol was easily more accessible and safer. In fact he was demonstrating his futility as he carried 10 bottles of wine in a double handed bag. “Who ordered wine for this hand cooked meal?” He announced as he walked through the door.


“Definitely not me,” Vora said, smirking as she turned towards the very familiar voice.

Stous had never been a huge fan of home cooking either, but it seemed a good way to connect with people and pass the time in deep space. Plus, a replicator couldn’t make mistakes, and in his limited experience the XO had found some of his best meals to result from adding too much or too little of something in a happy, delicious accident.

“Didn’t order it, but it’s more than welcome!” Stephen replied, turning again. Now this officer he recognized, but he thought it best to introduce everyone to everyone. “Who is that coming in with the party in hand?” he asked, leaning over to stick the spoon he’d been gripping into a large pot.

~ Stephen Stous - XO

“You won’t regret it, Sir.” Marsh threw out as he just sprinkled the bottles around the area. He wasn’t going to serve but he was more than happy to let them drink.

“I do not know, Commander.” said a calm voice. The new CMO looked over as the door slid closed behind him and he said “Apologies. I see now you were not speaking to me. My thanks for the invitation, sir.” and Vock looked around the Mess. “A very creative approach to introducing one’s self.” and he looked at Stous. “Well done.”

Vock, CMO

Vora took in the other newcomer, whom she knew of but hadn’t met yet personally and would have inevitably. Not just for a regular physical but because eventually she wanted to follow up on the conversation she had had with his predecessor. “I’m Vora Zorell. We haven’t met yet,” the Tenraith said openly to Vock.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences


“We have not, no. Seddk Vock. Chief Medical Officer, recently assigned.” and he inclined his head slightly towards her.

Vock, CMO

“It’s nice to meet you,” Zorell said sincerely, giving a respectful nod back.

Cassidy slipped wearing a slim cut black dress and long blond hair loose, grinning at the gathering people. “Oh, look, a party,” she said as she slipped up to Vora and gave her best friend a hug.

Vora beamed and hugged the slim security chief tightly. “Hey Cass. Oh, and I have more details for you. Not an exact date but a timeframe.”

“It’s good to see you again, Doctor,” she said to Vock and then gave a nod to Stous. “And you, Commander.”

Finally, Cass slipped up to Marsh and planted a small kiss on his cheek. “I bet you brought the nice wine too, didn’t you?”

Abrams, COS

Vora smiled at her best friend and Marsh who was not only her best friend’s partner, but also Vora’s boss.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

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