Holodeck 1- Cooking up a Conversation

Posted Nov. 27, 2022, 1:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote (Chief Engineer) (Janice B.)

Posted by Lieutenant Siennadye Nox (Counselor) in Holodeck 1- Cooking up a Conversation

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote (Chief Engineer) in Holodeck 1- Cooking up a Conversation

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote (Chief Engineer) in Holodeck 1- Cooking up a Conversation
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She looked more in depth at the recipe for a crawfish broil and then nodded. It seemed easy enough and looked delicious. “Alright. I like spice, but I hear Cajun food can be quite hot. How spicy do you want to make it?”

Nox, CNS

“How hot can you handle?” Mathys replied in a thick accent, accepting her question as a challenge.

She thought about it and smiled. “Middle to hot. Perhaps don’t completely burn my face off.”

“Can you get the dutch oven from the cabinet? It’s pre-seasoned so it adds more favor.”

She nodded and turned, looking through a few cabinets until she found the dutch oven. She pulled it out and placed it on the counter near the oven.

The man then reached into the fridge and pulled out a large package of yellow, red, and orange peppers. They were small and plump.

“Heat isn’t everything in cooking. If I didn’t want you to enjoy the flavor, I would just offer you a reaper pepper on a plate and call it a day. Cajun cooking has to have heat and flavor or it’s not enjoyable.”

He offered her a small pepper from the pack. “Let’s start with what people called a Cajun Belle pepper. Mild kick, but a sweet tang to go with it. It’s pretty good raw.”

-CE, Mathys Ducote

“I would say that is true for all cooking. The combination of flavors should be better than the ingredients by themselves.” She plucked the pepper from his offered hand and took a bite. His estimation of the flavor and heat were accurate to her own read of flavor. That meant good things for their partnership in making the meal. She nodded.

“I like that. The sweet is unexpected in a pepper. Should we cut these up then? Diced or sliced?”

Nox, CNS

“Good, means the rest will be no problem,” Mathys took the pot and filled it up, reaching less than a third to the top. As he pushed it over to the stove, he continued.

“Okay, cut them into fourths. Put them in a pile with the corn, green peppers, white onions, and garlic. Slice some lemons into half. I know where the season and vinegar is.” With a little bit of guidance the pair managed to collect and prepare the pot, letting the food cook on the stove.

After about ten minutes, they could add the sausage and corn to cool.

Working together had been easy, though Sienna had to wonder if he was on his best behavior or if this was simply the person he was. The smells filled the kitchen, as they often do and she smiled, taking a long breath in through her nose to enjoy the scent.

“So, how am I faring so far? I hope I don’t seem too crazy for duty.” Mathys teased.

-CE, Mathys Ducote

She grinned and shook her head. “Jury is still out. You seem to work well with others in an environment you are comfortable in. Self evaluation? How do you do in emergencies?”

Nox, CNS

As the food boiled in the pot, Mathys leaned back on the counter. His thumb and forefinger rubbed his chin in a thoughtful gesture. A moment of silence passed before he spoke up.

“In my personal opinion, I believe I’m able to problem solve and perform in intense situations. I served aboard the USS Dresden for a time which has some interesting missions.”

He let the example settle before he smirked and added.

“We can always test it here if you’re still not convinced. The holodeck is ideal for this, don’t you think?”

-CE, Mathys Ducote

Sienna thought it interesting that he would suggest testing himself in front of her. He certainly was different in his initial evaluation than most people were. She found herself liking this person’s unique approach. Would that translate well to the crew here? It was one of the things she needed to determine. “Yes and no? If you know you are being tested, will you truly perform as you would in the field? Also too, you know on the holodeck you cannot get hurt. Does that mean it will not feel or be as intense a pressure?”

Nox, CNS

“All good points. Let me be frank with you. You also might want to take a seat.” Mathys became more serious.

“My record has events from individuals vouching over my capabilities from the USS Dresden and the USS Zeus. The later, I ended up getting a Cross Star and trauma from.” He let the statement settle for a moment before he moved on.

“Now, based on what you want… I can’t give you a guarantee that I will perform in the most ideal manner. We don’t know everything out there and I don’t how I will react every time to something new. I can only give you examples and my word that I will do my best to ensure this crew and this pretty lady,” His hand gestured to the ship,” survives.”

Mathys studied Nox for a moment before adding, his form more relaxed than before.

“So will that be enough without the real thing?”

-CE, Mathys Ducote

She grinned and nodded, moving to take a seat. “Everyone has a different vision of themselves. Some people allow for their possible shortcomings or the fact that we are in a career that seeks out the unexpected and unexplored. You are one of those people it seems.” She leaned forward slightly, her grin growing wider. “It is always interesting to me what people think I want out of these meetings.”

Sienna sat back and bit her lip for a moment, suddenly pensive. “I suppose I am always curious because I never really come into the initial meetings with a concrete list of things I want out of them. I mean, Star Fleet has their definition, but I don’t specifically seek out the answers in a cut and dry way.”

Nox, CNS

Mathys watched Nox’s lips widen into a smile, listening to her explain. He realized how easy it was to forget the true purpose behind an evaluation. It wasn’t to check off the ‘right’ answers, but rather observe the mental wellness of an individual. That meant there were no ideal answers to the tough questions.

“Life is anything but black and white. That’s what a few years in Starfleet had taught me.” He took a moment to finish his task before adding more.

“So, what’s the most interesting answer you’ve ever got? If you don’t mind me asking.”

-CE, Mathys Ducote

She laughed, a warm and relaxed sound. “I suppose “I am a meat popsicle.” is about the most interesting answer I have received to a question. Though I do not think I have ever specifically asked the exact questions I have asked of you. Its part of my process I suppose, never to be the same way with the same individuals. I hate standardized tests unless they are medical in nature.”

Nox, CNS

Mathys paused, checking the pot.

“That sounds like something I would say for a chuckle.” Mused the CE, his mind still tuned into the topic.

“Treating each patient as an individual seems important to you. Nothing wrong with gravitating toward something that makes you comfortable. As long as it doesn’t hurt the patient, naturally. I like casual sessions more than professional ones. The latter always felt distant and cold, unnatural in a way.”

He tossed some more ingredients into the pot as he continued. “That’s why I asked you to join me here. For me, cooking brings a warm and calming atmosphere. Perfect for a chat.”

-CE, Mathys Ducote

“I agree.” she replied with a smile. Then she took in a deep breath through her nose, letting the smells of the cooking meal fill her lungs. Though she had been fairly relaxed to begin with, comfortable in her own skin, she relaxed more and sat back in her chair. “My husband and I always used to enjoy our kitchen in our home on Earth when we had time off to spend there. I recreated it here on the holodeck so that I could have a little piece of my home. Food is central to everyone. Most cultures have rituals surrounding food. Most cultures make the kitchen the center piece of their home and the most social space. Do you feel more at home in a kitchen than Engineering?”

Nox, CNS

Mathyas smirked, while he eyed the food. It was almost ready to dig in.

“That’s a hard question. I think the kitchen since I grew up around food, culture, and customer service. Though inventing in my office is a close second.”

Retouching on her mention of recreating her kitchen, his eyes took stock of the surroundings in a new light.

“I should be thanking you for the foundations of this kitchen,” He stated than continued to explain.

“Before having this materialized, I went looking through the archives. I found a few different layouts before settling on this one. All of them were based on similar programs.”

-CE, Mathys Ducote

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