Main Engineering - Meeting with the CE (tag Ducote)

Posted Dec. 1, 2022, 9:53 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote (Chief Engineer) (Janice B.)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Stephen Stous (XO) in Main Engineering - Meeting with the CE (tag Ducote)
Having completed check-ins with a couple of the other department heads, Stephen felt ready to move on to the Chief Engineer, the only DH who shared Stous’s rank. In his brief overview of Ducote’s file, Stephen had been a bit perplexed by the man’s… presence. Reassignment was a normal occurrence in Starfleet, but generally it was listed alongside a reason of some kind. Ducote’s file simply listed the reassignment order, with not justification.

As Stous made his way into Main Engineering, he had already decided not to bring the matter up directly. Still, can’t hurt to casually drop something about it, he thought.

An NE near the space’s primary entrance stood as Stephen approached, eyes slightly widening as she quickly tried to wipe a grease stain off her forehead. Greeting her with a smile, Stous asked, “Where might I find Lieutenant Commander Ducote?”

~ Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Stous - XO

Mathys’s hand held steady and shined his light down the dark shaft. Wires collected on the side with flickering lights barely illuminating the path. So far, it appeared there wasn’t any signs of chewing or scat. He frowned and questioned where the little critter went as he leaned back. Hanging upside by his lanky legs on the top bar, Mathys turned to his right. His voice addressed NE Amber as he dangled from the ceiling.

“No sign of the rascal here. We might need to sweep closer to the labs. Can you please send a message to keep the Science department updated?”

She nodded and then gestured to the XO, “Yes, Chief. Also.. umm, Lt. Commander Stous is looking for you.”

As she retreated to type on her PADD, Mathys blinked and twisted his attention onto the XO.

“Umm, sorry. Give me a moment to right myself.” Mathys immediately curled back inside and pulled up with his arms. Slowly, his feet then his legs lowered to the ladder. Without much haste, he climbed down to solid floor.

“What can I help you with, Sir?” Oil and grit stains covered his uniform, seeing like he came from the depths of some machine.

-CE, Mathys Ducote

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