Officer's Mess - A Welcome Dinner (all welcome)

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Abrams managed to contain her reaction though her eyes did widen slightly.

The doors parted and the Captain walked in. Despite his question about the dress code, he was dressed in his ordinary duty uniform. Probably because he had just got off the Bridge.

He started to say something, but then paused as he realized he had no idea where around this table he should actually try to sit… it was a moment of awkward indecision that one did not typically observe.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Cassidy whispered something to Vora before stepping away, moving over to the table and looking to Steven to join her.

Abrams, COS

What was that about? Johann wondered, noticing that his girlfriend’s fiancee’s friend was whispering something about something.

Steven hooked the bottle of wine he and Cass most preferred between two fingers and sauntered to the table where she was standing. Setting the bottles down, he took a step back and pulled out her chair.

As he helped her move towards the table, he leaned down towards her ear. “I hope you don’t plan on staying until dessert because if so you should not have work that outfit making you the most delicious thing at this table.” So much of their time on the ship was professional and on duty. Times like this were nice to slip out of their rank and file and just be an average couple about to be married.

OOC: Since when did Marsh propose? :O lol.
Cass gave him one of her private smiles as she took a seat. “Well, I did don the dress rather knowingly,” she replied quietly to Steven.

Always mindful of discretion, Vora was also in a place where she understand a bit more of the subtleties. So with a glass of juice in hand, she moved over to Johann, slipped her free hand in hers and gestured with her head to a couple open cchairs before everyone sat. It was her way of saying it didn’t matter where they sat so long as they sat together.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences


Great, I’ve been rescued, Johann thought almost non-sarcastically. He took the hint and made his way.

Stephen smiled broadly as he looked around at the crew’s faces, all still quite new to him. He made eye contact with the Captain, giving a slight nod in his direction and glancing at two empty seats on the opposite side of the table, both already set.

Johann gave Stephen an appreciative smile.

“Well, don’t wait on me or anyone else. Dig in!” He set down the last plate and sat down himself to begin eating, finding the first bite to taste just as he’d hoped it would, the consistency, salt, and… well, just about everything juuuust right. Could use some more redspice, though, he thought.

~ Stephen Stous - XO

Noting that Marsh had done so for Abrams, Johann also held out a chair for Vora, intending to seat her in it. It was something highly courteous and gentlemanly, and therefore old fashioned and out of style. But he still liked doing it, and the fact that someone else did it gave him an excuse to do it too.

– Johann Dvorak, CO

Vora smiled and sat. It was funny how weirded out Vora had been over these small gestures much earlier in her relationships with Humans, but over time she had not only come to understand them but accepted. And if there was anyone who wasn’t assuming her incapable of sitting or some such silly thing, it was Johann. The man was singularly incapable of trying to cause her pain, which had been something of an important notation in their relationship. It wasn’t that they couldn’t have disagreements, but their fundamental base was usually out of a desire to understand something about the other.

Steven took a bite and savored it. Replicator food was delicious and perfect which is why this meal tasted far better. With replicated food one knew always what they were getting because it lacked variations. This meal had all the delicious subtleties that occurred when it was made by hand: A little more seasoning than one might expect, a little less salt than one preferred but all in all an exquisite meal that made one miss being home and appreciate the food that much more.


Cass happily dug in to the complex meal, enjoying varied tastes. It was the benefit of not only growing up in a multicultural home but being the daughter of Starfleet officers on the go and living different places. “This is excellent, Commander. When’s the last time you did a big meal like this?”

Abrams, COS

“Oh…” his cheeks turned a slightly pink shade, trying to decide which route to take with his response. Reveal that he’d worked on large-scale cooking for specifically such an event, or suggest he’d done it many times before?

As per normal (and sometimes to his detriment), Stephen decided on the route of honesty. Well, flavored honesty, he thought, and offered a somewhat wry smile as he responded. “…I have to say this is the first time. I hope to make it a regular occurrence, though. Kind of like a family dinner.”

~ Stephen Stous - XO

Vora was happy with the redspice but then again most Tenraith preferred food with rather strong tastes. Johann often teased her about her need to put danna on just about every savoury food. She still hadn’t had Johann try toscatil, more out of a fear of harming her future husband than anything else. She leaned into Johann and said softly. “I told Cass about Tenra, since it plays a role in when the wedding is. Reaction was as I expected,” she said with a tiny grin.

~Vora Zorell, Sciences

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