Main Engineering: Barb meets the Chief

Posted Jan. 9, 2023, 7:59 a.m. by Gamemaster Demi Tribble (Gamemaster) (Russell Watt)

Having boarded the Europa prior to its departure from Black Rock, Barbara Wheeler, Barb to most everyone who met her, was excited to be out of the academy and away from Fleet HQ. She was excited that she would be going to the Copenhagen Expanse. She hoped that there would be unknown planets to discover, geological wonders to find and a way to get her name in the historical record. If she found something really big, something really important, there may even be something named after her, but she hoped it wouldn’t be similar to what Professor Brocolli had named after him, a disease.

The blonde haired, blue eyed young woman made her way to Main Engineering. The Academy had one of these discovery-class ships that she trained on, and so she knew the way, besides, her quarters were on Deck 5, same as Main Engineering and the engineering lab. How she hoped they’d find some mine on a long forgotten planet so she could investigate and find what was mined and why it was abandoned. But dreaming did her no good. She had to remain in the here and now, she was told previously and let the future take care of itself. She removed her glasses, polished one of the lenses and them back on, before she straightened and mentally prepared herself to put her best foot forward.

She stepped into Main Engineering and said “I’m Ensign Barbara Wheeler, here to meet Lieutenant Commander Mathys Ducote.”

GM as Ens Barbara Wheeler, Engineering

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