Conference Room- Senior Officer Briefing (The Sands of Tenra)

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Vora drew a breath inward and nodded. She had half-way expected him to confirm she was being irrational, but somehow his acknowledgement of her anxiety made everything somehow easier. “It’s not like it was years ago when I first came aboard this ship. Yes, there are things I’ve done I deeply regret, but I don’t feel shame over it anymore, or at least very little. I don’t mind talking about my experiences, since I will a little in the way of a caution when we get there, but the rest?” She smiled. “I’ll be learning right alongside everyone else who the Tenraith people truly are, and I have to admit I’m kind of excited.”

“Good,” he said simply. “I’m hoping to learn more about them myself.”

A minute later they approached the door and she braced herself before stepping through. Zorell moved to lean against the wall near the display screen rather than take a seat at the table, as much out of convenience as it was a need to not be sitting still.

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~Vora Zorell, Sciences

Johann took a seat at the head of the table. He was not giving the briefing, but would act to facilitate it if necessary. He took advantage of the fact that nobody else had arrived yet to glance up-and-down at Vora and give a small, supportive thumbs up.

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The XO was already sitting across the room, quietly reading from a PADD. He glanced up as Vora and Johann entered, meeting them each with a nod and a rehearsed greeting.

“Captain.” A turn of the head. “Lieutenant Zorell. Good to see you again.”

~ Stephen Stous - XO

“Mr. Stous,” the Captain acknowledged. He adopted a more professional posture.

Cassidy slipped in wearing a neutral expression, her movements relaxed as she took her normal seat. She wasn’t going to make this more awkward for Vora and certainly wasn’t surprised to see her best friend at the briefing given the topic. “Good day everyone.”

Abrams, COS

“Miss Abrams,” the Captain again returned the greeting.

Marsh walked in spying Cassidy. Moving into the space he mumbled a stock pleasantry and took a seat at the table waiting for the meeting to begin.

Marsh CSO

Mister Abrams, Johann thought, but did not say. “Mister Marsh.”

That left Doctor Vock and Mister Ducote…

– Johann Dvorak, CO

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