Holodeck 2 - A Shift At The Wattle & Daub (tag: Vora, Open)

Posted Jan. 24, 2023, 4:55 p.m. by Ensign Dr. P'Mala Dawes (Doctor) (Shaun Tee)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) in Holodeck 2 - A Shift At The Wattle & Daub (tag: Vora, Open)

Posted by Ensign Dr. P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in Holodeck 2 - A Shift At The Wattle & Daub (tag: Vora, Open)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Vora Zorell (Scientist) in Holodeck 2 - A Shift At The Wattle & Daub (tag: Vora, Open)
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“Yes, Mr. Henson, He’s–” P’Mala began, when suddenly the old gray haired man came up his office behind the counter.

Hanson was about 75, a wiry sort of old man in a worn suit with a wispy white beard and little white muttonchops that wound out of his ears and around his cheeks like aged hams.

“Aye, I am the sole proprietor of the Wattle and Daub, my lady, established in this very spot in 1750! Did you know that it was in this very room that the Prince Frederick ate beef stew? It’s said that we still use the same recipe to this very day and I–“

“I believe Miss Zalenas is here about the advertisement,” P’Mala interrupted. “Sir.”

She made a subtle face at Vera while Henson dug in his pockets for God knows what reason.

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes

“Indeed,” Vera said. “I saw that you were in need of a performer and I happen to be between positions right now and could use some work. I play the piano and I can sing. I can perform a variety of styles.” All of this was true but she was hoping they wouldn’t be insistent on asking a lot of personal questions. Then again, she was a lady and there was propriety to consider.

~Vora Zorell

P’Mala watched the two as the conversation continued–this confident crewman and the inscrutable Henson. She filled a couple beers and made herself of use in the background while the two parlayed.

The old man took a pair of spectacles out of his pocket and peered at Vora/Vera disarmingly. “The Wattle & Daub is a special establishment. No harm will come to you here,” he said, “And we have had lady performers in the past–all above the board, I assure you–but most of them did have a chaperone. Does that not bother you?”

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes

She flashed him a wide smile. “I assure you Mr. Henson that I am a very capable woman, not a wilting flower. I am certain I can manage on my own in your fine establishment. But it does reassure me to know other ladies have performed here before. I won’t be en entire surprise,” she said, her maroon eyes lighting up.

“Now, what expectations do you have of your performers?”

~Vora Zorell

Maybe it was the light bouncing off of his glasses or it was a glint in the old man’s eyes, but Henson seemed encouraged by Vora’s response.

“Very well. We can always have one of our regular boys sit by the stage if we have to,” Henson said, waving his hand dismissively like the suggestion was just a puff of foul smoke.

“As for our performances, we usually have have bookings on Friday and Saturday nights. Thursdays when a liner is scheduled to be in port. 8:30 and 10 o’clock. We have had polka bands from the Black Forest, a chantusse from Parriee, and an American record crooner in the past year, plus the occasional political speaker and writer. Our main patrons are the seamen and travelerswho are looking for some entertainment and respite before going on to who knows where!”

P’Mala coughed into her apron. She did not recall the chantusse from Parriee in her time in the holonovel at any rate.

“What do you do, Miss? What are your credentials?” Mr. Henson asked. “Do you have any newsclippings or letters of report?”

-Ensign P’Mala Dawes

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